10 anime villains have more personality than the hero

In a story, the The main character, also known as Ansar, Often Overcoming obstacles during a trip. These impediments, which can be described in the form of an individual, an institution, or even a force, are elements that will then conflict with the protagonist. Usually this opposition is called Discount, thus allowing the main character to encounter a situation, which causes him to react. It is easy to understand then that this is the basis of any story, but sometimes it happens that the antagonist in question is more interesting than the protagonist, and the animation is no exception to the rule. Thus, you will find a non-exhaustive set of files Famous cartoon villains, for each Properties distinctive which makes it unique.

10) Gilgamesh in Fate/stay night

A recurring character in the series fateAnd Gilgamesh is one of the strongest servants in the businessWhich gives him great self-confidence and makes him one of the Most arrogant characters from the Italian League. But the latter is justified by the fact that it is only The famous king of the ancient city of Uruk in ancient Mesopotamia, then bears the title of King of Heroes, being the oldest hero of mankind and one of its legends. During the wars for the Holy Grail, Gilgamesh would then be guided by greed and the pursuit of his own interests, and would pull strings in the shadows. He is an anime villain who is the archetype of defeated foesAnd it will remain an almost indomitable force until its very end.

9) Escalade Dance finland saga

What makes Askeladd one of the best villains is precisely the fact that reader appreciation changes as the character settles into action. However, if he appeared very clearly as an opponent from the startIts situation becomes more and more mysterious as the story develops. And while the main protagonist of Thorfinn’s goal is revenge and to be the one to take his life, the two characters bond and almost end up like a family. The character of Escalade, who initially appeared as ruthless and elusive, becomes Di More and more endearing as one follows their adventures and discovers their past. Askeladd fits perfectly with this line of characters who want to break this classic Manichaean vision of good and evil.

8) Isaya Orihara in Durarara

Due to the huge number of characters and the intertwining of stories in DurararaThere is debate among fans as to whether the protagonist is Mikado Ryugamine or Celty Sturluson, but most seem to agree on Mikado. The latter is a special permission, in the sense that it represents the moment when a person tries to define himself as an individual. Then the character seems a little assertive and a little naive. In contrast, Orihara’s character looks more attractive. Aware of everything that is going on, he enjoys manipulating others to test their reactions and learn more about the human race.. Whether hilarious or mysterious, Orihara has a huge influence on the series, making him the character of choice for many action fans.

7) L Vi death note

So morally, Light Yagami looks more like a story villain, Here we define the term villain as an antagonist, i.e. a character who opposes the hero. in a death note, which results in L. while the latter attempts to put an end to the protagonist’s emerging megalomania. Eccentric, going hand in hand with his genius, is distinguished by strange and unexpected behavior, showing a complex personality.Both are emotionally fragile, but they have a brilliant mind. And at the end of the story, if there’s one person we really miss, it’s L.

6) Shoujo Makishima dancing psychological corridor

The protagonist, Akane Tsunemori, begins as a naive inspector in the Public Security Bureau, a police organization that arrests or kills people considered latent criminals. When you gain experience and maturity, this is quickly understood Despite the values ​​they are associated with, it continues to operate within an increasingly questionable systemClose my eyes. This is why Makishima, the villain in the series, looks so much more attractive. He is willing to go to any lengths to try to overthrow the system. So, of course, Makishima is not morally flawless. He kills for his principles with a certain violence that seems more cruel than strategy, But the real question is whether he really is the villain in the story, or rather the Sybil . system Who rules them and the grim truth behind them?

5) Griffith in Rambunctious

If only this character was put here, and this despite the fact that he is among the most famous villains of the genre, He is facing one of the heroes who also appears among the most charismatic, obviously I mean brave. As a men’s leader and seasoned warrior, Griffith inspired desire and dedication in both women and men. But beneath this beauty and this supernatural charm hid unparalleled ambition and insensitivity.. Griffith viewed his comrades only as an acceptable means to his ends. This is how he used it as a sacrifice during the eclipse, which led to one of Berserk’s most harrowing moments. Griffiths is the complete opposite of bravery at work: two men whose fight embodies the objective conflict between fate and self-determination..

4) The Homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If the Elric Brothers are great heroes, the peculiarity of action opponents is theirs Diversity presented by Homunculi, all offering wonderful variations of the Seven Deadly Sins. Envy, as the name implies, represents envy, is proud and vociferous, refusing to admit his jealousy of man to its end, or King Bradley, the embodiment of wrath, who, though appearing among the most evil, was ironically the most human of Homunculus. Finally, there is the father, the first dwarf, or “the little being of the flask.” A being who searches for knowledge and life, but lost in his search for perfection.

3) Susuke Aizen Dan ovary

Cunning, calculating and always two steps ahead, Sosuke Aizen is the definition of an interesting genius. He presents himself as one of the most peaceful Shinigami in the Soul Society (ie: the god of death), This evil genius hid his ambitions for nearly ten years To topple the existing regime and increase its powers. The entire time, he had been meticulously planning every possibility and every outcome.. Even the arrival of the protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, came as no surprise to him, going so far as to use it to his advantage. But Aizen isn’t just a manipulative genius, He is also a squad leader, and therefore a fierce swordsman with incredible powers. If the development of Ichigo through the entirety of the work tends Fine towards the protagonist, it does not prevent it in its climax, Sosuke Aizen has always been a real threat to the main characters, always having to adapt to the plans of an evil genius.

2) bread in Naruto

He’s the perfect villain par excellence. First, Pain, also known as Nagato, has been the leader of Akatsuki for much of history, and as the bearer of Rinnegan, he has also been one of the most powerful (if not the strongest) members of the organization. But what makes Pain such a wonderful villain is his connection to the world of Naruto.. The latter is a brutal place, and the pain is just a pure product of that brutality. After war engulfs his parents, Nagato sets out to create a world of peace, but his best friend and many of his comrades perish in the quest. Thus his tragedy was born, Pine, and then through the avatar of his deceased friend he will strive to create peace, whatever the cost. This contradiction between this sincere goal and the means used to achieve it leads the hero, and thus the reader, to think about this duality..

1) Hisoka In Hunter X Hunter

In general, the bad guys in Hunter X Hunter imbued with some moral complexity. Like Lucifer from the Phantom Squad or Meruem from the Chimera Ants, Hisoka Morrow is probably one of the most prominent characters in Yoshihiro Togashi’s work. Unpredictability makes it hard to identify, seemingly devoid of any sympathy for others, willingly betraying his former allies for the time being. He’s one of the few anime characters that looks mean just because he wants to be.. If Hisoka attracts so much, it’s because he represents a form of freedom, with a character who seems to live only to fulfill his wants and desires.

This is a personal choiceAnd, of course, there are plenty of other characters that would have made this list. Then tell us in the comments which characters could be here! And if you want to continue the theme of anime villains, check out 10 anime villains who eventually turned into heroes.

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