10 essential books to dive into the world of manga

As a result of consecutive confinement or the influence of Netflix (which continues to confirm its attraction to this universe), manga is more popular in France than ever before. With 29 million books sold, 2021 was clearly the year of Japanese comics and titles like Piece where Jujutsu Kisen Now targeting a larger community. This year, more than ever, manga will undoubtedly be found under many trees and this, as the editors understood it. As a result, they offer a wide range of books meant for fans, whether they are beginners or experts in the field.

1 Drawing Manga – Complete Guide to Learn All Techniques

Who has never dreamed of mastering manga art symbols and being able to draw them? This book by Sonia Leong is a progressive learning method for manga drawing, from drawing to rendering, by working on different basic aspects such as shadows, colors, selection of techniques, anatomy or even setting. Those who want to persevere will find tips and 28 video tutorials accessible online and via QR codes.

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drawing manga, Sonia Leong, Vicot, €26.

2 Dragon Ball The Super Book

We’ve known the world of Goku, Vegeta, and company, for over 30 years, but nothing seems to be able to fight it. Dragon ball. Animation, movies (the next movie is expected in 2022) or video games: The universe that Akira Toriyama imagined still attracts young and old, and allows Dragon Ball To remain an act of worship. For those who want to know everything about manga, Dragon Ball The Super Book It is an action that should not be missed at the end of the year. Edited by Glénat, a true 364-page Bible, this collection looks back at the creation of the different characters or ethnic groups we see in the volumes. basic : Dragon Ball The Super Book It is the book that fans have been missing out on. The icing on the cake, there are pieces of interviews with Akira Toriyama, his speeches are rare.

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Dragon Ball, Super Book Volume 1, Glénat, €32.

3 Tomorrow the the birds prestige edition

Considered a manga legend, Osamu Tezuka is known for his humanistic tales denouncing human vanity. For several years, his classics have been like MWAnd Ayako where 3 Adolfs story Available from Delcourt / Tonkam Editions in New Editions. The end of 2021 is no exception to the rule with a reissue Tomorrow birds. In this 1971 series, birds become intelligent thanks to a substance spread on Earth by an extraterrestrial civilization. Tired of being persecuted by this inferior dynasty that we call men, they decide to rebel. Soon the human race turned out to be only a few thousand back to the Stone Age and enslaved by birds.

© Delcourt / Tuncam

Tomorrow birds Prestige Edition, Osamu Tezuka, Delcourt / Tonkam, €19.99.

4 Piece Box the East blue

Nearly 25 years after its creation, the manga that has sold 490 million copies worldwide (including 26 in France) is still a temptation. In 2020, the first volume of The Adventures of Pirate Luffy (who found his translator for the live version of Netflix) in France sold over 78,000 copies and the work alone represented 8.3% of the manga market. A few hours before the release of Volume 100 of One PieceThis end of the year is the perfect time to rediscover the work of Eiichirō Oda. Glénat has just published a set of chests comprising the first twelve volumes of this classic collection. Includes the entire combo arc east blueWho sees Luffy discover his powers and meet his allies Zoro and Nami for the first time.

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Piece Eastern Blue Box (Volumes 1-12), Eiichirō Oda, Glénat, €82.80.

5 Detective Conan Enigma, a matter of patterns

Other cult manga, like Piece where Dragon BallAnd Detective Conan It is still a hit more than 20 years after the first volume was published. In addition to the latest version of the number 100, fans will be able to check out next year Halloween bridetwenty-fifthe An animated movie based on the manga. The cornerstone of the detective manga, The world of the famous detective was deciphered by academic Pierre-William Fregones in the book Detective Conan Enigma, A Matter of Patterns. In this book, the specialist goes back in detail to the genesis and concept of this manga. What do we understand that Detective Konan It is much more than just a tribute to the work of Agatha Christie.

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Detective Conan Enigma, a matter of patterns, Pierre-William Fregonese, Pix’n Love Editions, €24.90.

6 Mononoke

Shigeru Mizuki is considered one of the greatest mangaka in history, and is often presented as the father of yokai. Mononokee is a wonderful art book dedicated to his art and honors these supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore that the author updated in the 1960s. In this book, we find more than 200 unpublished illustrations of Yokai. For those who want to learn more about the author and his work, a large retrospective dedicated to Mizuki will take place next January at the Angoulême Comic Book Festival.

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Mononoke, Shigeru Mizuki, Cornélius, €38,50.

7 Yo Yo Hakoshthe Star Edition

Before Hunter X HunterYoshihiro Togashi has made a name for himself in manga circles using Yo Yo Hakusho, a work that is still considered to this day a cult and a precursor. Again in a new two-volume edition, Yo Yo Hakusho It follows the adventures of Yusuke Uramishi, a rebellious teenager who becomes a detective in the spirit world after trying to save a child from death. Laying the foundations of modern shōnen, with a darker tone, Yoshihiro Togashi’s work has been a great source of inspiration for other cult manga, jujutsu Kaisin.

© Kana

Yo Yo Hakusho, Tome 1, Yoshihiro Togashi, Kana, €8.75.

8 chin opera

Adapting a novel by Jia Binghua, Li Qiu presents a captivating tale that takes us to the Shaanxi Province in northwest China. The story takes place at the beginning of the nineties, when economic changes in the country endangered the way of life of the rural population. More than just a new edition, the author returned above all else to the millennial tradition of drum painting. A true work of art, this comic made with ink and brush, thanks to the magic of folding, unfolds on a twenty-meter strip.

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chin opera, Li Zhiwu, Patayo, €35.

9 Anime Architecture – Fantasy Worlds & Endless Giant Cities

We tend to forget it, but architecture is an essential aspect of many cult manga. Cities are at the heart of most animation Japanese Futurists. toAkira to me bitter concretewayfarer Batlabur where EvangelionStefan Riekeles has compiled several foundational images of these masterpieces. Preparatory sketches and drawings … There is something for everyone. anime architecture It is the fruit of more than ten years of research, with no less than 400 original illustrations and visuals. Designed in direct collaboration with the studios behind these masterpieces, anime architecture It is a celebration of unforgettable places and, at the same time, an invitation behind the scenes of iconic scenes.

© Mana Books

anime architecture, Stefan Riekeles, Laurent Laget, Mana Books, €35.

10 spy x family

Espionage, superpowers, and family life make up the astonishing mix of this signature saga of Tatsuya Endō. In this work, we follow the adventures of Twilight, the world’s greatest spy. For his new assignment, the latter must create an artificial family so that he can enter the prestigious aristocratic school. Problem: The world’s greatest spy doesn’t really have a sense of family, let alone experience. But to carry out this mission, he will adopt a young girl ignoring her telepathic and join a shy young woman, who is actually a formidable hired killer.

© Kurokawa

spy x family, Tome 1, Tatsuya Endō, Kurokawa, €6,90.

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