10 manga you can read if you like “Attack on Titan”

More than a decade after its release, Shingeki no Kyogen“It has garnered many fans who consider it one of the best manga ever. Hajime Isayama, creator of the series, recently revealed that it will end in April, which means there will be three more seasons.

kodancha, The publisher announced it Hajime Issama The final chapter ofShingeki no Kyogen« , in the May issue of the magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, to be sold from April 9, 2021. With this post, Isayama 11 and a half years will end in the playoffs.

There will be a total of 34 copies of the manga, confirming that No. 34 From ” « will be for sale June 9, 2021. So on the page previous web Hajime Issama comment: “Eight years ago I said that the Shingeki no Kyojin manga would be finished in three years, but so far I managed to finish it. It has been a long time, but I hope you can follow me to the end.”

Although some readers were disappointed and saddened that the final chapter of ” Shingeki no Kyogen« not yet come. However, we give you a list of other stories for you to read. Although they do not share the same plot or the same characters, there is another great manga that you will definitely enjoy.

10 Mangas You Can Read If You Liked “Attack on Titan”

10. Tokyo Ghoul

The first season of “Tokyo Ghoul” is shown on Amazon Prime. (Photo: Amazon)

One of the reasons for that “Attack of the Titans” It was very convincing when it was first published because the Titans were predators of humanity. Another manga that has human-eating creatures is “Tokyo Ghoul”.

Like the Titan controllers, Like Rainer And and mer, pound joules They seem like humans in that they can easily hide their identities. After being attacked by someone on a date, kaneki, The main character of the series, he becomes a mix between a joules And a human being.

By not wanting to eat anyone, you must learn to balance life joules Maintains his humanity, style of life she was Completely changed when his gigantic abilities were discovered.

9. Akame Ja Kil

Akame Ga Kill (Image: Netflix)
Akame Ga Kill (Image: Netflix)

many characters from Titans attack” they died. In fact, very few characters are still alive at the end of the series. Akame ja kel This is another manga where you should not stick with the characters. The series revolves around a group of killers called ‘Night raid’while fighting the empire.

‘Night raid’ is similar to survey companiesBecause they both want to change the world they live in and gain their freedom. It was the group of empire fighters Geiger, similar to Marley Warriors unitBecause they are the opponents, but you can understand their actions and even sympathize with the characters.

8. The Neverland Promise

Anime and manga like
Anime and manga such as Attack on Titan (Image: Amazon)

“The Promised False Home” focus on whateverAnd Norman Yes rayonThree orphans live there Grace Field House. They lived a happy life until they found out that their orphanage was actually a farm and that the demons who wanted to eat them lived outside.

Orphans must flee Grace Field House « And finding a safe place to live in a world ruled by its predators. While “Attack of the Titans” He has a lot of physical actions, personalities “The Promised False Home” Its a mental battle and they can outsmart it. survey companies Despite his young age.

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion

“Rebuild of Evangelion” will be released on Amazon Prime at the end of January. (Photo: YouTube Capture).

Believe it or not “Attack of the Titans” It has many similarities with the manga of «Evangelion». Evangelion It is a story in which giant robots fight. These robots are usually controlled by the characters in the series. the nine titans From ” Titans attack” They are giant creatures controlled by their heirs.

Those who enjoy watching the fight of the titans will probably be interested to read this story, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” It is one of the most famous robotics stories ever, as well as a great introduction to the genre. After the angels attack a boy named ShinjiAs well as other members of nerve, they use their robot, he says Evangelionto fight them.

6. Knights of Cydonia

Anime and manga like
Anime and manga such as Attack on Titan (Image: Amazon)

knights of sidonia This is another robot manga. Although it is much newer than “Neon Genesis Evangelion”It is also one of the most popular websites. The series takes place in space for centuries. Aliens, known as ObtainsWho destroyed the earth are now attacking Cydonia.

Sidonia is a giant spacecraft that humans used to escape from, just like the elderly in a “Attack of the Titans” They hid behind walls. nugget, the main character of the series, becomes a pilot for gard to defeat Obtains.

5. Deadman Wonderland

Anime and manga like
Anime and manga such as Attack on Titan (Image: Amazon)

“Deadman Wonderland” Talking about a boy named GANTA who was sent to the prison/park bearing the manga name for allegedly killing his friends. There he meets a girl named Shiro The one who was friends with him but doesn’t remember him and finds out that he can control his blood to fight.

Those who have this ability are known as dead men, and like giants there are very few of them. also “Attack of the Titans”In addition to the other manga on this list, the dead are trying to fight for their freedom and live in peace again.

4. Parasite

Parasyte The Maxim (Image: Netflix)
Parasyte The Maxim (Image: Netflix)

In one of the most shocking twists of “Attack of the Titans”, it was revealed that many Titans were created as a result of serum injections. After becoming a Titan, their chances of becoming the person they were previously were very slim.

Although it is not an injection, “parasite” Its events revolve around the parasites that control the human being after entering it, and how to be the main character. ShinichiHe managed to maintain his humanity after one of these parasites entered his body. Similar to characters like she was And YmirAnd Shinichi He never thought that he would be anything other than a human and should learn to work with him Magi, the parasite that is associated with it.

3. Claymore

Anime and manga like
Anime and manga such as Attack on Titan (Image: Amazon)

Humans are being attacked by daysDemons that can change their shape. To defend themselves, organizations have made «Clymore», which is a mixture between a days And a human being. One of those people, his name CLEARThe boy saved his name northwhose family was murdered by days. The two travel around the island where they live, and fight days, While that north Learn to be a fighter like him «Clymore» who saved him?

2. Hellsing


Ghouls, demons, aliens and now vampires. There are many different creatures similar to Titans, but that’s not the only reason “Helsing” Like “Attack of the Titans”. Although he was the protagonist of the series in the beginning, many now consider him to be she was He’s the villain of the story.

He killed more people than anyone else, eventually becoming the most powerful titan and one of the greatest killers in manga history. Alucard From “Helsing” He is also the most evil and strongest vampire. If you tend to love villains more than heroes, “Helsing” This is definitely a manga to watch.

1. Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

Anime and manga like
Anime and manga such as Attack on Titan (Image: Amazon)

While the other manga on this list have some similarities, none of them are actually related to them “Attack of the Titans”. For those who want to unfold another story the Paradise Show fight survey companies against the titans,” Attack on Titan: Before the Fall” It is the best option.

The series takes place decades before a journey she was It reveals the story that people believed in the elderly. Game, the boy who was born when a titan ate his mother, has been treated like a titan all his life. To prove to himself that he is truly human, he joins the Investigation Commission.

Although there are other derivatives of franchise, such as “No Regret”, “Lost Girls”, “Cruel City Mistress” More than that, the only manga that has more than two versions is “before the fall”Hopefully, there will be more hits for fans who aren’t quite ready for the final chapter.

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