4 Exclusive Nintendo Switch Features You Shouldn’t Miss In 2021

The year has been particularly good for gaming at Nintendo, with several third-party publisher titles, a few “select” exclusives and reworks/remakes of cult games, as we’ve been on the Switch for a few years now. Next year should be especially fun, as it should mark Link’s return to Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.


Find our selection of 4 Xbox exclusives that celebrated 2021: The Return of the Chief Commander, a one-way ticket to Mexico, or a foray into the psyche of cartoonish characters…there’s something for everyone.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter is back exclusively for the Nintendo console, we haven’t seen that since the 3DS. And in this episode, Capcom saw it go big: Not content with taking all the good ideas in World and Iceborne, Rise will come up with his own mechanics To make battles against stereos More dynamic and impactful. Carnage, which will soon have the right to an extension and a PC version. Find our complete guide to Monster Hunter Rise.

After the revival that was Monster Hunter World, the license is back on the Nintendo Switch, with a new title with innovative mechanics, in a very special Japanese world this time around. But will it keep all its promises?

Metroid dread

Bounty hunter Samus Aran is back in action, and the poor will not be without ZDR. To put an end to the Virus X and Metroid larvae, our dear Samus will have to face many dangers and We return to all sectors of the planet in the hope of finding answers. Metroidvania is excellent, certainly very linear, but it’s a frantic pace and punctuated by very successful boss fights. Find our full guide on Metroid Dread.

We bring you our full review of Metroid Dread, metroidvania developed by Mercury Steam available October 8th exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Shin Megami Tensei V

We won’t budge: despite the very hard-core aspect and gameplay sessions that can poke your fingers between your fingers at a poor choice in lambda combat, SMTV remains one of the most exciting games on the Nintendo Switch. Hunt the most powerful demons to join the shock team and conquer countless Tokyo in post apo. A real bombshell for the knowledgeable audience.

Find out our opinion about Shin Megami Tensei 5, a role-based J-RPG based on the monster collection, developed by Atlus and available exclusively on Nintendo Switch starting November 12.

Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl Pokemon

Two Pokémon DS remakes, nothing more, nothing less. However, many of you have jumped at it: You’ll have to give yourself a reason, if from the time you watched the originals, you’re already too old. This has been remastered to make these major generations of licensing known to younger players or to those who missed the machine at the time.. We can always go against the chibi design, but nothing we do, the Pokemon still works. Find the full Pokémon Diamond and Pearl round.

The year-end classic Pokémon is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, and this time it’s a remake of a generation so beloved by gamers: 4G. Graphics, price, maneuverability, new features… Is the sparkling diamond and sparkling pearl Pokémon worth watching?

Epic Games

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