5 months after its presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, Belle was shown in theaters

modern rehabilitation Beauty and the beast Shows in French theaters on December 29. Poetic anime questions relationships in virtual universes.

belle It’s one of those acts that still lives in our heads for weeks after watching it. Through his film, Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda spoke about self-acceptance. Set in modern times, in Japan, it tells the story of Suzu. A shy and reserved teen can’t find her place in the real world and decides to join a new network: U (which isn’t unlike Facebook’s metaverse project). In this highly realistic virtual world, everything is anonymous and avatars are created from the users’ physical and psychological uniqueness. In this new universe, the possibilities are endless. Suzu seizes the opportunity to live a whole new life, and a meeting will upset her.

A magical, poetic and violent world

In U, Suzu became Belle. A music icon with her long pink hair, followed by 5 billion subscribers. The teen begins a double life and tries to keep the identity of her secret virtual husband. In this network, everything is fast. With the touch of her finger, Belle goes from a simple freak to a superstar everyone admires. Through her double husband, Suzu asserts herself, discovers herself and dares to sing. One day, a mysterious creature stormed a prom. The US Rangers chase the beast, which looks like a black werewolf covered in bruises, it frightens users, but Suzu sees a weakness in it. Affected by this sensitivity, you will look for him to identify and help him. Behind the criticism of social networks and the toxicity of these virtual worlds, the director tackles important topics such as love, friendship, violence (psychological and physical) and mourning.

Animation master in controls

The director has made a name for himself in the world of animation. He is known for experimenting with projects such as Mirai, My Little Sister, The Boy and the Beast, One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island or Digimon: The Movie. He could have been inspired by his daughter to create a dream-like environment belle. The images are colorful and bright and the manga world is mixed with very realistic graphics. The soundtrack, composed by Taisei Iwasaki, gives rhythm to the film and enhances its poetic side.

Singer and actress Luanne added her voice to the French version. You have already tried the dubbing adventure with productions like Incredibles 2 And trolls. But this new experience was special. In an interview with Le Parisien, she claimed that she belongs ” for the manga generation. She grew up watching Japanese cartoons and has recorded a song for 25 years Pokemon. Fascinated by Japanese culture, she also devoured many manga, Nana to me Hunter X Hunterwayfarer death note. « Manga has always been a part of my life.”You trust on a daily basis.

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