AI that brings your family photos to life

Thanks to artificial intelligence, genealogy is taking a new turn. The popular online genealogy platform MyHeritage recently launched Deep Nostalgia, a tool that allows thismove face in a few seconds from a simple picture. with one The result of deception And a resounding success, it shows the latest progress inartificial intelligence It suggests new uses in photography and video.

Deep Nostalgia, a simple generic technique and spread very quickly

In recent days, a new viral phenomenon has appeared on social networks: the app deep nostalgia Magically brings life back to your old family photos – and that’s not all. The technology is available on MyHeritage, a genealogy services company that also has a tool for enhancing old photos. in this time, Over 26 million animations Image done according to MyHeritage.

Original still image – Source: MyHeritage

To take the test, simply go to the Deep Nostalgia page, create an account with an email address, and upload the image of your choice. After a few clicks and a little loading time we get a file Results, Is enough Deceive It must be said. The subject, who was previously still, begins to blink, moves his head, looks in different directions, and even smiles! Something to impress with your loved ones during your next family meal. An effect reminiscent of the Harry Potter movies where the people at the tables come to life on their own. We tell you magic…

However, the effect is more compelling when it comes to a brilliant stranger who is only seen in a photo. The technology is made on a famous person or a loved one whose expressions we know well, then the technology clearly shows its limits and the result suddenly looks a bit wrong, even downright weird.

In fact, Deep nostalgia requires a high-resolution image. So MyHeritage optimizes the image to improve its sharpness, and then animates the whole, which inevitably degrades the features of the original image, because if the AI ​​is able to create a clear image, the latter is not Not necessarily a reflection of reality, let’s remember.

To learn more about Deep Nostalgia, you can find this video posted by MyHeritage:

A set of tools for serving photos of your ancestors

This MyHeritage function is added to a file Other Photo Tools Existing Such as colorizing black and white photos, enhancing blurry photos, or restoring the original colors of an old photo. So it is possible to combine certain effects, for example adding coloring to the facial animation. The user can download the video and share it on social media or create an access link to send the result to his relatives. At the moment, only one face can be animated on the same still image. The first 10 trials are free, after which the service becomes a fee.

For this technique, the name Deep Nostalgia owes its name to deep learning (Deep learning), an artificial intelligence technology that enables computers to learn on their ownLarge database analysis. Concretely, the process consists of “copying” the features of the desired person into the pre-recorded movements of the actor.

Be careful when using Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia uses licensed technology developed by the company I didAn Israeli company working on a method to hide the identity of images in photos. MyHeritage, which provides this service, also serves its users ADN Tests (Genomic analysis) Banned in France. Some already see the risk of crossing genetic and genealogical data using information provided by users…

And to be sure, MyHeritage endorses it Images are not transferred to external companies. However, the company collects your email address and other data that can be used for targeted advertising. Finally, the company suffered a major hack in 2018 where more than 90 million user emails were leaked. If you want to use the MyHeritage services, it may be helpful to use a junk email address and a fake name.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Deep Nostalgia produces amazing results that are sure to amaze or even move your loved ones. on condition of existence informed enough And follow a few simple rules of common sense, so you can enjoy bringing your ancestors back to life with just a few clicks.

Artificial intelligence, for better or worse?

While the app’s viral success is undoubtedly just a flash in the pan era of mass sharing and social networking, where new digital patterns are constantly emerging. But progress in artificial intelligence is so new apps More impressive it can see the light of day soon. Recent videos deep fake On the Tik Tok platform where actor Tom Cruise appeared, he also achieved a resounding success. We see the actor, larger than life, playing golf or doing a magic trick, without the main character actually shooting a single second in the video.

according to Impressive advances in artificial intelligenceIn the near future, we can imagine larger-than-life fake videos edited in a few clicks, featuring famous or even deceased people, with somewhat laudable intentions. A fact that would almost join the imagination, deserves the Black Mirror series or some sci-fi novel. For better or for worse?

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