Attack on Titan Season 4: Anime is stronger than Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad

This is news that should put a smile on the faces of the MAPPA studio members behind the production of the fourth season of Titans attack It is currently broadcast in Japan and on Wakanim in France. While the anime recently found itself at the center of controversy with a director being harassed by some fans who blamed him for the supposedly poor quality of the episode, the adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s work can now boast a pretty good track record.

Season 4 is finally appreciated

In fact, the episode Exceeds (4×07) Broadcast on Sunday January 24, 2021 is already in 3rd place in the best series and anime episodes on IMDB. So, in this episode that saw Eren more sadistic than ever (poke his way to crack an egg), Levi reminds us that he’s the most badass warrior on the show and that Armin is back in an explosive way, he just got a Score 10/10 With nearly 29,500 votes!

A great bonus to the directors after all the great work presented during the episode in question and a nice thumbs up for the many critics of the studio who keep asking for the IQ team back, even though it’s this guy who decided to drop the anime along the way.

Attack on Titan hits the mark on IMDB

but where Titans attack We can really be proud of a record when we focus more specifically on the rest of the ranking. While Demon Slayer Dominated manga sales in Japan in 2020, Shingeki no Kyogen Today it dominates the best tags attributed to episodes on IMDB.

Thus, the anime occupies two more places in the top 5, namely the fourth with episode Perfect game (3×16) score 9,9 / 10 With 21,240 votes, but above all… the first with episode hero (3×17) which is observed 10/10 With approximately 44,800 votes. Enough to let him move forward in the loop Ozymandias (5×14) from Too bad, While victory and death (7×12) from Star Wars: Clone Wars Classification is closed.

For the story and full appreciation for the feat Titans attack Here, know that the top 10 also consists of Chernobyl with episode Vaishnaya Bamiat (1 x 05), Mr. Robot with episode 407 Proxy Authentication Required (4×07) and game of Thrones with Winter winds (6 x 10). In short, the level of competition is too heavy.

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