Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 17 Review

Warning: the text contains wings!

New season 4 episodes The attack on the Giants It began with the events surrounding Zeke and Levi. The latter was found by the Floch team. Hange manages to escape from them with the slain Levi, who seems to have not died yet. In any case, we have not received such confirmation from a neutral person. It should be noted that the injuries appear to be very serious. The heroine takes her chance when the group is distracted by Zeke, who comes out of the bowels of the giant. It was a strange scene, because Eren’s brother seemed a bit absent, and also influenced by the track events that had already appeared in the story before (eg with Ymir). We also saw the girl who reshaped her body. Viewers may feel a little lost because of what Zeke has been through and seen. Either way, we’re one step closer to the mystery surrounding the core of the Titans once again, which causes a lot of curiosity. In addition, we also return to that part of the plot where the brothers must meet in order to activate the power of the Prime Titan.

Meanwhile, in Shiganshin, a fierce battle broke out between the soldiers of Paradise and the Marenians, who came to avenge the attack on Liberio and arrest Eren. Blood is flowing, people are knocking themselves, shooting each other or suffocating. But in reality, the duel between Eren, Renner and Porco Titans was much more exciting. Studio MAPPA had a tough job to trigger this showdown, but they were able to rise to the challenge. The artwork may not be amazing, but some of the shots were really excellent. This dynamic battle was exciting because it was amazing and the Ardians were trying with all their might to defeat Eren. There was also a shift when Beck, along with Magath, fired projectiles, causing massive damage to the attacking Titan’s projectile. Music added the thrill that gave you goosebumps!

However, the creators weighed this battle for us, weaving more subplots. On the other hand, we saw how Gabe met Colt and Magath (that’s a hug!). You’ve passed on important information about Eren and Zeke. As you can see, all military actions were meticulously organized and planned with the arrival of the airship with Rainer. We also moved on to the imprisoned main characters, whom Onyankopon released from their cells. However, it turned out that he was not an ordinary traitor – he did not know about Yelena’s plans and then feared for his life. In turn, Armin, Connie, Jean, and Mikasa begin to discuss Eren’s actions. Everyone had the opportunity to express their opinion. Mikasa looks uncomfortable and seems to be moved by Geiger’s words – she clearly feels that there is a lot of truth in what he said. Armin defended him, defending his case. This discussion unbalanced the episode a bit, but was significant because the characters are friends of Eren.

We should also mention the new opening of the second part of the last season of this anime. It’s simply epic! And certainly the loudest ever so far, mainly due to the heavy bass (bounded by the melodic sound of death) of the song, for which the band SiM is responsible. It’s a frequent growl, or “roar” in the chorus! This time, Studio MAPPA does not attract the audience. The Scold is Coming…Manga readers will definitely notice some spoilers, as well as the foreshadowing of dramatic events (Eren accidentally walking on walls; DNA in the background). The message is no less exciting, as with the new atmospheric ending in which Eren appears. Akuma no ko It is a beautiful song performed by Ai Higuchi. The animation is even better quality than the opening ones!

The first episode of the second part of the fourth season The attack on the Giants It was awesome. The graphics and animations may not always have been impressive, and some of the storylines disrupted the flow of great motion a bit, but it’s just the little things. Did not affect the enjoyment of the examination. There is no disappointment. The attack on the Giants He’s back with a powerful punch, and that’s just a warm-up!

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