Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 17: Zeke Is Eren’s Brother?

Final Attack on Titan set the stage for a thrilling ending. Is Eren Yeager’s salvation, however, a possibility now that the end is near?

During an exhausting conversation with Mikasa and Armin in Season 4 Episode 14, “Savagery,” Eren starts a whole new low (even for him). He chases them all down and hits them where it hurts them both physically and professionally. Then, now that he has burned down the last of the bridges that helped put him out in the first place, his future is in trouble.

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We’ve known since the beginning of season 4 that Eren has a new fidelity to Zeke and he’s violated a lot of his other relationships. On the other hand, Eren includes a dark moment after Armin and Mikasa break up.

Eren expresses his “real” feelings for Mikasa and how she is only there to defend him during her conversation. He compares it to slavery and finds it abhorrent, even going so far as to suggest that he despises it.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 17: Zeke Is Eren’s Brother?

Armin had been jumping forward with his fists raised ever since he found out. Eren notes that this is the reason they never fight: It will never be an honest fight, and Armin will always lose. So Eren tells Mikasa that he despises her and reduces Armin to a paste in the exact same scene. These are all his close companions.

Regardless of the fact that Zeke is Eren’s biological half-brother, Armin and Mikasa were Eren’s real family when he was a child. It is possible that the rust of their friendship is motivated by love, not hate.

It seems like the idea of ​​Eren and Zick could put their lives in danger. Eren can try to separate himself and his teammates from the inherent threat and eventually commit suicide by burning the bridge between them.

With only one more episode of Assault on Titan to come, there is still plenty of time to determine why he was forced to side with Zeke and sever his previous ties.

Eren’s version of the discussion could be better known and his behavior could be explained more easily if a rationale was provided. Right now, however, he’s unequivocally hit a new low, when his defeatist sexual acts are directed against two of his best friends. is made up of a young team of editors who are passionate about all things Asia in general. Feel free to share our article if you liked it!

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