10 ways to attack titan is actually a mecha anime

Each mecha mecha features massive battles, melodramas, monologues, special techniques, and pilot suits of immense power. Especially, Titans attack It has all of these important features – but the mechanisms are replaced by massive biological entities known as Titans, which are summoned when a character is intentionally or injured. RELATED: Attack on Titan: 10 Ways … Read more

10 Anime Outros Qui Sont Encore Meilleurs Que Les Intros

La musique est une partie emblématique de tout anime. Les intros d’anime incluent souvent la préfiguration d’événements dans l’histoire, montrant parfois un résumé rapide des événements à venir, utilisant le symbolisme dans le court laps de temps imparti aux intro. Les paroles des chansons choisies reflètent souvent les motivations et les sentiments de la distribution … Read more

How did Luffy defeat Charlotte Katakuri?

During the more than 1,000 chapters of One Piece, Luffy has faced many opponents with widely varying fighting styles and abilities. Some of them were defeated without much difficulty, while others posed an even greater threat. One fight that fans are still talking about today is against Charlotte Katakuri, one of Big Mom’s many children. … Read more

One Piece anime returns to Toonami

Piece Returns to the Toonami anime lineup. The programming block confirmed the return of the Straw Hat Pirates with an announcement on its official Facebook page. In early January, Toonami announced that it plans to add a new anime series to its schedule every week for the next “month or so.” Block previously revealed two … Read more