Top 10 scariest moments in anime

The best-selling manga in history with nearly 500 million copies soldAnd Piece It has been a global phenomenon for more than two decades now. Overall shōnen and anime fun throughout the adventures Monkey D. Luffy and his friendsHowever, there are a number of particularly dark events. Here are the 10 darkest moments in the anime, … Read more

The true story of the king who made the walls

Be careful! Subsequent spoilers. The fifth episode of the final season of ” Shingeki no Kyogen“It was the most explosive yet. Not just because Eren’s attack on Titan explodes behind Willie Tibor’s sudden in” Declaration of warBut because of the story he told before his death. more information: Bertholdt: What does the hanged man in … Read more

The true origin of Paradise Island

With weekly episodes of the fourth and final season on the air. Shingeki no KyogenAttracting the attention of fans all over the world. At the end of Season 3, to meNoun It opens to reveal a larger view of your world’s history, including the hidden truth that there is a very important connection between the … Read more

Finally got to know the crew of the series One Piece!

We’ve been talking to you for years about this live action adaptation of the cult manga “One Piece”! Real “eel”! 😉Finally, Eicchiro Oda tells us more about her on his Twitter account… Here’s information on this week’s Manga: The cast of the future Netflix series is well known and – surprise! – Chosen in perfect … Read more

“One Piece”, “Demon Slayer”, “Attack on Titan”… The 12 best selling books are manga books

Culture card or manga card? Since the release of the Culture Card at the end of May, the question arose and you testified here, in 20 minutes: “With 300 euros, that’s more than 30 volumes, you can get the whole of My Hero Academia”. Confirmation today with the numbers revealed by the magazine Thursday Weekly … Read more