Berserk’s version of Zoro’s One Piece sword style is even more ridiculous

One of the most symbolic aspects of Piece It is Zoro’s signature Three Swords style as he uses a sword in his mouth, but as impressive as it is, Zoro doesn’t have any. Rambunctious bowels. The Black Swordsman is famous for being one of the fiercest fighters in the manga, and he proved this early in the manga with a desperate move that would leave even Zoro stunned.

foot in Piece Chapter 3 of the Eichiro Oda, Zoro was instantly iconic. As one of the first recruits to the Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, he was always one of the fiercest fighters on the team. With a katana in each hand as well as one in his mouth, he had no problem butchering anyone who posed a threat to his friends. The opposite is Kintaro Miura Rambunctious. His fiery hatred of demons’ bravery leads him to make ludicrous efforts to kill anyone who stands in his way. One manifestation of his hatred of bravery is his sword, the Dragon Slayer. Although exact numbers have never been released, the sword is estimated to be about five or six feet long and over four hundred pounds. Guts’ ability to turn everything upside down is a simple miracle, and some of the things he does with them are beyond the realm of the miracle.

in a Rambunctious Chapter 4 of guards of desire Sagittarius, readers can see how tough the bravery is when he encounters a demon that looks like a slug. A human formerly known as the Earl, the Devil Slug completely abandons any human appearance in his battle against Courage. Although Guts leads a tough fight, he is no match for the Earl’s brutal form. Just as Satan is about to deal a fatal blow, an Earl’s daughter arrives after being released from her one-room prison. Courage does not waste time taking hostages. As the Earl approaches, Gotts drops a cannonball from his prosthetic arm. With a monster writhing in pain, Guts makes one last attempt. Although his true hand is too damaged to grab his sword, Guts does the only thing left for him to do. Using his prosthetic arm for support, Guts takes the dragon slayer in his mouth, swings him and decapitates the Earl.

The one thing that sets Guts apart from other manga swordsmen is that Miura brings weight and results to each of his actions. Swinging a four-hundred-pound sword might be impossible in real life, but every stroke of the sword has an effect, and nowhere is this more evident than now. Guts’ tense expression combined with the Dragon Slayer’s sheer weight really communicate how impressive he is. While Zoro’s three-sword style was in Piece It’s also impossible, as a katana usually weighs between 2 and 3 pounds. Goats sword weighs literally two hundred times that.

There is also a certain paradox in the situation. Piece It is, by design, more awkward than Rambunctious. You should feel more comfortable in a moment like this one Piece. However, the art makes it fully functional in a context Rambunctious. Rambunctious Entrees Piece It is just another proof of Kentaro Miura’s amazing talent.

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