Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: V for Vendetta

Blood, death, tears, screams… This time it’s all, season 4 Titans attack Hostilities began. Warning: spoilers! They say it can make your eyes pop very fast very angry Episode 5 (check here) ends with Eren transforming into an attacking Titan, under the helpless eyes of Reiner and Falco. Which clearly heralded the start of the … Read more

«L’Attaque des Titans», l’anime le plus important des années 2010?

Temps de lecture: 8 min Nous sommes le deuxième dimanche de juin 2019. Des dizaines de milliers d’otakus se connectent sur le site de VOD Wakanim. Ce soir, ils sauront enfin ce qu’il ya «dans la cave»le mystère principal de la serie L’Attaque des Titans. En japonais, c’est Shingeki No Kyojin, littéralement «Le Titan d’Attaque». … Read more

10 ways to attack titan is actually a mecha anime

Each mecha mecha features massive battles, melodramas, monologues, special techniques, and pilot suits of immense power. Especially, Titans attack It has all of these important features – but the mechanisms are replaced by massive biological entities known as Titans, which are summoned when a character is intentionally or injured. RELATED: Attack on Titan: 10 Ways … Read more

This cool crossover between SNK and Marvel’s Avengers that you don’t know about

Some crossovers, including in cartoons, to celebrate souls. We have already told you, for example, about the latest explosive crossover between Batman and Superman. Today, we are attacking a special intersection that connects the world of comics and the world of manga. Prepare yourself for A good dose of confrontations and adrenaline ! Warning: This … Read more