Denjin N – We saw in the first volume of the manga Pika

After completing the year 2021 by submitting a book on Piece, we would like to introduce to you dingin n In order to start 2022 on the right track. This is a manga written by Yuu Kuraishi and drawn by Kazu Inabe, based on an original concept imagined by Kuu Tanaka. Published in France by Pika Edition, the series was released in 2019 in Japan on Kodansha Comic Day. Plus, you can always read a few pages on the publisher’s website to get a first glimpse.

keep only four folders, dingin n It’s a fairly violent crime movie that has an impact death note It is felt in a few aspects, with different concepts distinguished, as well as a graphic style that focuses more on the aesthetic of violence, such as can be found in Eichi the killer.

Ten thousand volts

Nassau, a loser who lives with his alcoholic mother, works in a convenience store where he is fully exploited. Her only pleasure in life is her crush on Misaki Kanzaki, an idol who belongs to a failed singer group. He follows his concerts and cheers him on through his virtual reality headset. But after an accident, Nasu is able to own any kind of electrical system. Nicknamed “N”, he decides to use his new powers in order to eliminate all those who stand in Misaki’s way. Faced with the various murders committed by “N”, the police decide to summon two middle brothers to track down this serial killer.

Nice concept that can make one think about the powers a hero has goku midnight, Buichi Terasawa’s manga appeared in 1987. What’s interesting is that the character introduced as the hero, Nasu, who thus becomes a denjin (which means electric man) will not be visible in this volume eventually. Once the transformation is complete, you will only feel its presence through shots on cameras or other electrical objects.

An interesting bias that makes us, in a way, as omnipotent as Dingane. This will also create a feeling of remoteness, and maybe a bit of voyeurism, in front of the murder scenes, but we’ll come back to that later. Thus, the common denominator is the deaths that the hero organizes in order to help in the career of Misaki, the idol he admires. All this will logically lead to a police investigation, quickly led by the two middle brothers, and foreshadow a detective story with a showdown between psychics and Dingen. Moreover, the latter’s actions highlight a common social problem in Japan, approaching from a more realistic angle in the excellent animated film. Perfect Blue (1999) De Satoshi Kon.

Elevator to the gallows

Dungeon n Tommy 1 Foley

However, it is a pity that the stage of introducing the hero, as well as secondary characters, is very fast. In fact, Denjin has justified bad motives and not enough depth in this volume to be able to appreciate it minimally. That being the case, it is possible that this information was distilled as volumes and chapters moved. But knowing that the series should end after 4 volumes, we’re entitled to have some concerns.

There is also a metamorphosis in Nasu which is somewhat disappointing. In addition to being visually surprising, it’s totally anecdotal and truly gratuitous. The scene reminds us a bit of some primal transformation of comic book superheroes and/or villains, like Barry Allen in The Flash or The Joker’s Birth in killing joke. However, the design is clearly good and catches our eye. This is one of the strengths of Dengin N. Between adventures and storytelling, we have a steady rhythm, throughout the volume, without real stopping.

Plus, it’s clear that murder scenes are what we remember. Without talking about originality, the killings are well thought out, but above all very violent. The author takes the time to organize the murders for us and then gives us pages that are attractive and aesthetically impressive. The details, especially the facial expressions, convey a lot of horror and violence, the design is beautiful but can also be annoying.

Should we fall into Volume 1 of Denjin N?

Accident train Denjin N Tome 1

dingin n It presents us with an interesting and above all attractive first volume. If we can denounce the writing’s potential weaknesses towards the characters, especially the protagonist, the suggestion holds up and can be really exciting. However, we still have the impression that we are taking a quick look at the seasons. Yes, striking, but not necessarily the most attractive in terms of involvement in the story and towards the main characters.

On the other hand, this distance also exists with the hero who, as we have said, is never visible, only his point of view, sometimes with the cameras, is copied. In doing so, the angle of view appears to become ours, creating a voyeuristic relationship when we witness a murder scene. Intentionally or unintentionally, these are reflections we cross while reading, and that doesn’t take away the fact that Kazu Inabe and Yuu Kuraishi’s manga has this little trick that makes it interesting, though the narrative and characters need to be explored further later. In addition, the drawing and the pieces have their influence and contribute greatly to making this first volume what it is.

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We are waiting for the continuation dingin n With interest, I’m curious to see where this story will lead us and whether there is a real reflection in regards to the reader, the emerging reader. Because it might just be a dangerous interpretation on our part.

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