djWHEAT blames ‘worthless’ handling of xQc amid Twitch drama DMCA

Twitch Community Manager Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham has criticized xQc’s management in a series of tweets. According to the employee, the broadcast team is to blame for allowing them to continue watching the copyrighted material in the TV show’s meta-drama.

The definition of the popular Twitch TV show was shaken in January 2022 when Hassan Baker received a DMCA warning for his MasterChef broadcast multiple times. The copyright revocation came on the heels of Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys ban after hosting Avatar: The Last Airbender which aired the day before.

Speaking of the drama, Twitch employee Marcus Graham directly criticized the management of one of the site’s best creators, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, for allowing him to jeopardize his career. Degwate also described the Canadian team as “worthless” and blamed them for failing to look out for the broadcasters’ best interests.

Twitch: xQcOW

The famous Twitch streamer has watched the Hunter x Hunter anime stream amid the DMCA drama.

djWHEAT blames xQc management amid copyright drama

In the wake of Hassan Baker’s sudden DMCA strike on January 8, a discussion erupted on social media about Twitch viewers watching copyrighted material such as TV shows, live videos, and movies. Twitch employee Marcus Graham took part in the discussion and argued that broadcast players like xQc are putting their channels at risk and that management is not monitoring them.

“A lot of people are looking to xQc to continue releasing content they don’t own, but maybe it’s time to start pointing out how useless their leadership team is until that happens,” he said. “Who really takes care of these creators’ jobs? Even if his management just wanted to make money off of him, you would think they would see that as a risk. So if they didn’t care and weren’t even greedy, what the hell are they? What are they actually doing to him and the other creators?”

DjWHEAT then explained that most managers would step in if their clients put their careers at risk. “A real management team will put an end to anything that could jeopardize their clients’ lives and their ability to make money. Anything less, you are poorly managed.”

Twitch employee Marcus 'DjWheat' tweeted about xQc streaming DMCA material

Former Twitch Community Education Officer Shannon ‘ShannonZKiller’ Plante also influenced the TV show’s descriptive discussion and had hard words for one of the site’s most famous creator, Pokimane. Addressing her January 7 suspension for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, the former employee hasn’t held back.

She replied, “Looking at how Pokimane has a management company and what they always do with that shit, I’d say those idiots are above any guarantees.”

ShannonZKiller tweets Pokimane ban for avatar streaming

Lengyel responded to Marcus Graham’s tweets in his live broadcast and asked why people were angry at him while watching a cartoon.

“Where was all that energy when DisguisedToast was watching 150 episodes of Naruto while he was streaming asleep?” he asked.

“I watched three hours of content and the internet is losing my mind. Toast literally had a library of the most distributed cartoon in America for about 150 episodes and no one blinked. I watch five episodes, and the internet is going through a severe epileptic fit!”

As of this writing, Twitch has not released an official statement regarding the definition of the TV show. It should also be noted that Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham announced his retirement From the live broadcasting platform in November 2021. He officially left his position in January 2022.

Only time will tell whether she will die quickly. For now, xQc seems to be ignoring his warnings as he has continued to watch the popular Hunter x Hunter anime on his feed.

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