Dragon Ball, One Piece and Hunter x Hunter, you will soon be able to watch classics from 4 major animation studios for free

Animation studios have been trying to stop the spread of piracy content on the Internet for years, but with little success. After a bitter struggle, some seem to have changed their strategy and decided to take matters into their own hands. Even if the anime is freely available, as long as they put it online themselves. A strategy that can have huge repercussions on the industry as a whole.


The Animelog channel was created on July 30, 2020, and it appears that playlists are being created, although there is currently no video available. The following studios are grouped under this banner:

  • Animation Toei (One Piece, Dragon Ball)
  • Kodansha (Fairy Tail, Ghost in the Shell, Standalone Compound)
  • Nippon Animation (Peter Pan, Hunter x Hunter)
  • Tezuka Productions (Astro Boy, Le Roy Liu)
  • Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions (Pokemon)
  • Animation Shinei (Dororonpa, Stitch!: Best Friends Forever)

As per the description it was made from, this channel aims to show people “family fun and classic entertainment”, so expect to see some vintage icons from the studios, Which will remember some of Club Dorothée’s best years.

Only cartoons will be available In the originals, but English and Chinese subtitles are provided for foreign viewers.

amazing strategy

The presence of so many Japanese animation studios on Youtube is surprising as it is an environment that they did not relate to much in the past. Some studios like Toei already have a YouTube channel, but with few subscribers and content, often limited to trailers. On the contrary, if in recent years we have seen the development of legal streaming capabilities (ADN, Netflix, Crunchyroll…), then it is often a paid subscription service, quite different from YouTube’s economic model.

So we must describe the topic to some extent. It’s quite possible that the anime featured on the YouTube channel isn’t the studio’s biggest hit right now., which often already have a streaming contract with legal streaming services and potentially incentivize viewers to pay for those subscriptions. On the other hand, this channel may be suitable for studios to discover old successes: a playlist with the name of the series Remy without a family Already created, although no video is currently available. This will allow studios to provide a gateway to their catalogs, which viewers can borrow for free before having to pay to access the latest and most popular anime.

This strategy is similar to that implemented by Shueisha in terms of the weekly release of its manga chapters. While some sites previously offered to read scans legally and with official translations in exchange for subscriptions or the purchase of chapters, the majority of scans remained free on illegal platforms, often with rough translations. To counter this problem, Shueisha recently launched Mangaplus, a site where all issues of her magazines are listed at the same time as they are published in Japan. Thus, there are the first 3 and last 3 chapters of every manga published by the publishing house, so as to make readers want to buy the combined copies if they want to read it in full, without forcing fans. Wait months to read it. rest of the story.

These changes indicate the new strategy implemented by Japanese companies. The desire to unite the audience is very noticeable, but this may eventually cause problems, for example, with some foreign broadcasters. Manga publishers such as Glénat, for example, protested the creation of Mangaplus, accusing Shueisha of undermining their market. Let’s see how the latter will develop.

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