Dragon Ball – Q2 FY2022 Results Toei Animation – Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball – FY22 Q2 Results For Toei Animation

La Toei published its accounts for the second quarter of 2022 on its official website, which was compiled from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. Despite being affected by the pandemic, the company has announced record numbers for the past five years.

Thus, it indicates that its turnover increased significantly from 24.455 billion yen (186 million euros) in the second quarter of 2021 to 29.740 billion yen, an increase of 21.6%, for a net income of 8.144 billion yen (an increase of 21.6%). 45% increase!). Film business: 11.783 billion yen from 9.502 billion in Q2 2021 (+24%), licensing 16.733 billion yen (13.811 billion in Q2 2021 / +21%), commerce 978 million vs. 946 million yen in Q1 From 2021 (+3.4%).

Dragon Ball – FY22 Q2 Results For Toei Animation

Dragon Ball – FY22 Q2 Results For Toei Animation

continent Global sales volume (in dollars) T2 2021 (yen)
Japan 10.317 billion 9.929 billion
international 19.457 billion 14.560 billion
Asia 10.872 billion 6.072 billion
United State 5.803 billion 5.110 billion
Europe 2.266 billion 2.855 billion
Latin america 514 million 521 million

Toei is driven by its sharply growing international segment (+33%) and the Asia segment in particular (+79%). Toei notes in its report that in this fiscal year by the international part of its activity, especially the distribution rights and development of the Dragon Ball franchise to market and develop video games.

La Toei particularly regrets the low film production this year due to the pandemic and the lack of events and exhibitions to promote the content. La Toei also explains the drop in turnover by the 2020 Super Led by One Piece Stampede and the fallout from DVD sales or streaming of the DBS Broly movie.

The Dragon Ball license is still Toei’s biggest franchise with 9.580 billion yen collected (+1 billion compared to 2021).

Global Japanese licenses

Dragon Ball remains the highest-grossing franchise despite its decline this year. From 3,463 billion yen in the second quarter of 2021, it fell to 2,731 billion yen in the second quarter of 2022 (the lowest level in the past five years). Dragon Ball is still far ahead of One Piece and 1.942 billion yen. DB expands chasm with Pretty Cure and Saint Seiya, 209, 138 million yen.

Characters that should change dramatically in 2022 with the release of the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero!

Video licenses abroad

In terms of overseas film and television licenses, Dragon Ball rose in the second quarter to 1.630 billion yen (12 million euros) (versus 1.555 billion yen in the second quarter of 2021). DB is still second in this 4th place behind One Piece and 2.559 billion far ahead of Sailor Moon and Digimon with 553 million and 488 million.

International license abroad

Overseas licensing is once again the leading segment in Toei and Dragon Ball with 5.228 billion yen (€40 million – best result in the past five years, 45% increase since Q2 2021), well ahead of One Piece, 1.782 billion yen, and Slam dunk with 1.054 billion yen. Digimon offers the rear at 695 million yen.

Finally, it is worth noting that in the highly anticipated 2025 presentation, Toei talks about Dragon Ball Super, especially its original content and the international market. La Toei refers to no fewer than 10 titles by then (editor’s note: not necessarily Dragon Ball), major projects targeted in Hollywood and a large-scale “revival” project. He follows !

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