Finally got to know the crew of the series One Piece!

We’ve been talking to you for years about this live action adaptation of the cult manga “One Piece”!
Real “eel”! 😉
Finally, Eicchiro Oda tells us more about her on his Twitter account…

Here’s information on this week’s Manga: The cast of the future Netflix series is well known and – surprise! – Chosen in perfect agreement with Mangaka!

The Official Twit of Sensei Oda and its translation:

“We are working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on the mega project for the Hollywood live-action series ONE PIECE!

It’s not easy when you work with people from different cultures! But this is exactly the process that can give something
For now, we can announce the main cast! On the contrary, we have to hurry up and announce it otherwise it will be leaked apparently! hilarious, lol.

Their face, the size of their mouths and hands, their aura, the way they hold themselves, their voice, their acting skills, their height, the balance within the straw hat crew, etc…! We chose this actor after a lot of discussions involving people from all over the world!

These are the guys who are going to be the Straw Hat Pirates! It will take a little longer to complete this show, but we will continue to do our best to deliver an offer that we are sure will please everyone in the world! Expect more updates in the future!


Here is the main cast of the first 5 members of the Straw Hat crew (we’ll appreciate passing the presentation on a ‘Notice Wanted’):

Luffy : Inaki Godoy (Mexican actor) Looks like he has a game that can get close to our hero. Her high-pitched voice also matches that of the anime. (who killed Sarah)


visit: Makenio (Japanese/American Actor): Arguably the most famous actor. He has a job head! It matches the origin of the character


we: Emily Rudd (American actress, having played Fear Street. She’s the one we love most: She has charm (and our developing eyes)!


Usopp : Jacob Romero Gibson (American Actor) with the perfect face of a Usopp smoker.


Sanji: Taz Skylar (British actor). Without a doubt the one who inspires us the least…


And the official video preview of the cast:


Since that choice rests with Sanji, we can assume that the season will focus on the “East Blue” arc, as previously announced by the producer.
We appreciate that the producers did not fall for the ultimate quest for bankable players: it’s new.

It is clear that our first general impression can be based only on the physical parameters (face, appearance, gestures, …) but it is – surprising! – Well, while we were until the appearance of this news in the “mode” Old con Defender original work »…
To continue, with eyes a little more interested than before this ad!

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