Gon and Killua have a lot to learn from Meruem and Neferpitou

The Hunter x Hunter “Ant Chimera” arc is rich in symbolism. Understanding the relationship between Meruem and Neferpitou helps the audience better understand the relationship between Gon and Killua. The dynamic between the King and the Royal Guard highlights the more extreme and unhealthy aspects of Gon and Killua’s friendship. It foretells of what could happen to the hero and the novel. By learning from the mistakes of ants, boys can build a healthy relationship.

Gon and Killua’s friendship forms the basis of much of Hunter x Hunter. During the “Chimera Ant” arc, Killua delivers a beautiful monologue, saying, “Gon, you are the light. But sometimes you shine so bright that I have to look away. But still, can I stay by your side? For Killua, Gon lights up the darkness.” In his life.The audience may be surprised to learn that the opponent Meruem has a connection to light as well.While the ant queen dies, she tells the soldier Ant that Meruem means ‘the light that illuminates everything.’ .

Gon reflects Meruem in many ways. Both are incredibly stubborn personalities, driven by their desire for power. Even before Meroem is born, he refuses to listen to anyone. The ant queen, still pregnant, told her that it was not yet time to give birth, and her reply was angrily “shut up.” Then he bleeds from her womb and crushes many of his organs. Likewise, Gon’s naivety leads to the death of his father’s character Kate.

Their reactions are completely different: Gon becomes obsessed with saving a kite while Merium never recognizes his mother and leaves her to die. However, this prompts them to seek more power, which is favored by Merium’s royal guard and Gon’s friend Killua. Meruem begins his story as a monster who slowly becomes human while Gon loses his humanity and turns into a monster.

Killua is Gon’s best friend while Pitou is Gon’s worst enemy. It is interesting to note that these polar forms have many similarities. There are physical similarities: white hair, blue clothes, and feline characteristics. They also have very sharp fingers and use their hands as weapons. And most importantly, both of them show great confidence in their abilities, before they begin to doubt themselves.


Pitou is one of Meruem’s royal guards, whose sole purpose is slavery. It can be inferred that Pitou represents Killua’s fear of being a follower of Gon. During the ‘New York’ arc, Gon makes an eloquent point to Killua, “It’s my job to say crazy things. It’s your job to stay calm and stop me. Throughout the series, Killua allows Gon to act recklessly as he willingly cleans up the mess.”

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when he follows Killua Gon down a path of self-destruction. Gon’s actions become more and more erratic and instead of saying something, Killua silently focuses on protecting Gon. His actions begin to mirror those of the Royal Guard. Killua knows he can’t tell Gon what to do, just as Beto can’t make a proposal to the King. The only time Beto did this, the king hit them with intent to kill. During the battle, Killua tries to bring Gon to his senses, but Gon retaliates with a backlash. It’s a metaphorical slap that breaks Killua’s heart.

Both boys appear to have low self-esteem and a tendency toward self-reliance. Because of his upbringing, Killua believes he does not deserve to be loved. He often has a hard time expressing his feelings and is always suspicious of Gon’s affection that pushes him away. Towards the end of the arc, Killua suffers from depression and Palm must reassure him that he is the one Gon needs the most.

Fans are quick to categorize Gon’s actions as selfish or evil, but understanding his shock sheds new light on his thought process. Gon seems to have serious abandonment issues. His father, Jing, left him when he was a child, and he was shaken by the loss of a kite. His father abandons Gon for the second time and blames himself. He acts by pushing his best friend away and recklessly exposing himself. Like Killua, Gon feels unworthy of love.


As heartbreaking as watching Gon and Killua go their separate ways, the “Ant Chimera” arc reveals many problems in their relationship. Given the similarities between the four characters, the negative aspects of Gon and Killua’s relationship become apparent. Killua is too eager to do anything for Gon, and begins to act more like a servant than a friend. Meanwhile, Gon feels so guilty and angry that he can’t think of anything or anyone else. The two boys need to separate in order to mature, and when they meet in the future, their relationship will be much healthier.

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