History and character… 5 things to know about the upcoming movie

It was announced a few weeks ago, and fans are already looking forward to it. the movie 1 piece: red In all the minds of Eiiichiro Oda license enthusiasts. Between excitement, suspense, and impatience, we scoured the top 5 things to know about the feature film while waiting for its next release.

Recently, a lot of information has been circulating about the upcoming movie Piece, right and wrong. So we went in search of well-founded information, and from a reliable source 1 piece: red.

One Piece Release Date: Red

For several weeks, the film was announced for “August 2022”, without further details. But recently an official Twitter account for 1 piece: red Created, announcing a specific release date in Japanese theaters: August 6, 2022! To get an appointment in France, you will need to know how to be patient. But we can already assume that the movie will hit French theaters by the end of 2022!

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Shara well known design

On December 19 on the Twitter account of 1 piece: redA trailer has been released showing the clothes the mugiwaras will wear in the feature film. Then we discover the straw hat crew with unique outfits. search in Twitter if the topic View all mugiwara fashion in detail!

mysterious main character

1 piece: red He seemed well on his way to spinning around a still very mysterious character that is Shanks. “Red” in English can mean “red” and is thus referring to Shanks Le Roux, especially since the movie’s logo shows a scar similar to Yonko’s. But the new announcements by the staff and Eiichiro Oda on Twitter have sowed great skepticism among fans Piece. In fact, on the official poster of the feature film, we see a woman appearing screaming. Who is ?

red one piece

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But most striking is undoubtedly Oda’s Christmas press release on Twitter. In it, he thanks his fans for their support and loyalty. But above all, it refers to One Piece: RED by writing:

“Red! Who is this a woman? Shanks remains a mysterious character. But what does he have to do with this woman? Will he see Luffy again? This is the first time Shanks has appeared in a movie like this, right? He is back!”

So it could be that the main character is actually this mysterious woman and her unknown relationship with Shanks. However, the Emperor must appear in the film, even if he is not the main protagonist. Will Moguiwaras watch Le Roux again?

Communicate - oda

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Canon script verified by Oda

Holiday Piece There are now 14 films, all of which are specials (that is, they are not directly part of the main plot.). But it seems that in order to 1 piece: red Stuff is different. In fact, the next feature film should be a base film, that is, a film rooted in the main story of Piece. So it wouldn’t be a private issue. Simple rumor or fact? We are not sure yet.

one piece red oda

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Untrailer Creamin D one piece

Finally, it’s important to remember that we were entitled to an official trailer for the next movie. It’s definitely short, but it’s worth Piece In the suspense he is capable of creating. We see musical notes and parts of the note, as well as this still unknown woman. The latter appears to have a headset with a microphone. Will you be a music star? What is her relationship to Shanks? We won’t know right away. one thing is certain, 1 piece: red It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of 2022 by fans. Oda, for his part, said finding the script was “cool”. So, heybe?

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