How the awesome shonen Tite Kubo revolutionized manga culture

ovary Happened 20 years ago Our shelves, manga announce a new generation of readers. Being part of the Big Three with One piece And NarutoThese three titles replaced Shonen Jump and drew a new line in the modern manga. With DVD and Blu-ray version of burning witchIt was a chance for us to go back to the title that launched Tite Kubo’s career internationally and say why it’s great.

Even if when reading the title of this file, some will cry immediately.scandal“Let’s give you all the nuances you need to say that The bleaching is wonderful. Twenty years after the publication of its first chapter, Tite Kubo is back in the spotlight with a new title burning witch, which occur in the same universe as ovary, but in London. And it’s not over, because some time ago, he also shot One Shot as a prequel to a possible new series that continues Ichigo’s adventures. It’s all to celebrate its 20th anniversary and shows us that it’s still in the game.

Like every Shueisha Shonen Jump series, ovary He has had his share of adaptations. As Tite Kubo quietly finished his seventy-fourth and final volume, published by Glénat, One anime has aired and is still available on Crunchyroll (Okay, it’s not the whole story, but we’ll come back to that.) There were also animated films and a live action movie based on the manga with live actors, which is quite forgettable. It won’t be mentioned much here, as it was already mentioned in the review. What interests us here are the manga and the anime.

Introduction to a new series?

Wash without pressure

To talk about a title and get that good, roughly speaking, we have to actually sum up the story. In this work, we follow the adventures of Mr. Strawberry, nicknamed Ichigo (Ichigo, meaning strawberry in Japanese), a young teenager who has seen ghosts and yokai from birth. He was also traumatized by the death of his mother, who was killed by the Hollow, and a lost soul turned into a monster, simply put. He lives with his father who bends backwards to be up to the task, as well as with his two younger sisters. He also has a childhood friend, secretly in love with, Orihime and a friend of Mitis, a grumble with a big heart: Chad. Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad spend some quiet days in their high school lives, until one day Rukia appears.

She is a shinigami, that is, the god of death. In Shinto culture, they are the ones who send the spirits of corpses, where they must stay before they can be reincarnated, or not. Rukia is in a fight with Hollow and the fight doesn’t hurt her favour. Ichigo witnesses this. Due to Ichigo’s energy potential, Rukia decides to turn him into a Shinigami. This, invested with this new power, easily put an end to the life of this monster. And so begins, with this first fight for Ichigo, his new life as a substitute Shinigami, accompanied by his new friend Rukia.

Rukia, Titi KuboRukia, a prominent figure © Tite Kubo / Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

This is the basic premise of Bleach’s story. It gets more and more complicated as seasons or episodes go on. To sum up roughly, Every interpretation of the Shinto priest exorcism is portrayed as a forceThe same applies to the force used. Interpretation: for a shinigami, The energy used is their spiritual energy, Ichigo possesses a formidable one, and thus will awaken those people close to him, like his sisters (to a lesser extent), but especially Orihime and Chad, and thus become human beings with supernatural powers of their own (angelic for Orihime and demonic for Chad, even if it’s more More complicated than that for Chad…).

For the Quinsis family, like Ishida, They get their energy from their bodiesgradually exhausting them. Quincys and Shinigami clash in a fight against hollows and spirits. The Shinigami tries to save as many hollow lives as possible, while the Quincys completely destroy them. There is no such thing as a second chance. This fight is one of the series’ common threads, even if it takes some (big) detours to get to the end result of the inevitable struggle between Quincy and the Shinigami. Taking into account the heart of history, What is Ichigo’s development as a personBecause it is, above all, shounen. And that’s what ovary It is very interesting.

official posterbadass position © Tite Kubo / Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

hard to follow

After reading and explaining the story, you can quickly get lost in the intricacies of plots and twists and turns. In the manga, there are 74 volumes in Glénat. Titi Kubo’s kick is undoubtedly beautiful. Her precise handwriting and bold ink allow the characters to stand out instantly before our amazing eyes. Some quickly became iconic, such as Renji, the savage Zaraki Kenpachi or Yoruichi (one of the Ichigo masters). All the characters have a real design with strong characters that we attach very fast. Needless to say, Tite Kubo is very strong in the composition of its boards.

He perfects his art, the fighting moments are giant and the emotional moments are very strong too. He’s a manga maestro. The panels rotate around and become, for a moment, frozen illustrations (allowing to contemplate the motion as if it were described in slow motion) before finding its dynamics while maintaining a very unique rhythm.. We understand why this manga has so quickly emerged as a monument to its generation, and it also lays the foundations for a new era that blows everything in its path. He takes the time to tell his story as calmly as possible. On the other hand, we see it gets a little longer, as the author wanted to stop the manga over and over, some arcs are less graphic and less successful.

PhotoHard to find rhythm © Tite Kubo / Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

The Fullbringers arc is quite forgettable in a way. It’s useful in the end and in building Ichigo’s character, but it takes a lot of time. Same for Bount, too long. Besides, the anime repeats the same mistakes that didn’t really help the series. An animated manga adaptation was commissioned to Studio Pierrot with Noriyuki Abe as director. The anime picks up all the manga except for… the ending, the final arc with the Thousand Years Battle (between Quincy and Shinigami), which we hope will happen one day, Titi Kubo announced.

The anime also has moments of beautyIf we take for example the great fight with Zaraki Kenpachi, the arcade in Hueco Mundo, or the showdown with Aizen. Seiyus goes to their heart’s content in interpreting the characters and makes us feel emotions very strongly, and it so happened that the author of his lines would pull some tears from time to time, like when he’s reading the manga… But (because there is a BUT), we must be honest in saying that Some episodes – those that don’t follow the main story line – kill the tempo a bit, and under the rest on the animation side and on the story side.

Bleach: The DVD Visual CollectionThe box that makes you want

Therefore, we advise you to take advantage of the 366 episodes that the series contains. Those who follow the main framework And being curious about some of the “special” episodes, like Cohn’s Tales for example. Another tip, also listen to the soundtrack, which is one of the main assets of the animation. It elevates actions as much as emotions, with unparalleled precision and always to the heart of the matter. Shiro Sagesu’s work is exceptional.

Poster 2, Titi Kubo

So, why is bleaching so great?

It is true that we mentioned several errors in the series, but this is where ovary Strong point: Although they are there, it still works great. First, because it’s a story with a real ending. Well, not yet in the anime for sure, but it will happen. when ? We don’t really know, but as previously said, it was announced during the 20th anniversary. And it’s not the end of black pudding either. Volume 74 concludes Ichigo’s adventure with such power and grandeur that makes the manga rise. Without revealing the ending to those who have only watched the anime, Bleach primarily focuses on teaching Ichigo to become fully human.

The main character is going through a washing of emotions and is in constant search of herself, prompting everyone around him to ask questions and question himself. It is deeply humane work and deals with self-confidence as well as building it in a society that imposes moral dictates on us and rules of honour.. Ichigo, in his apprenticeship, must harness his reckless teenage energy, and become one with his weapon that will become his best ally – moderation, calmly accepting his dark side, transforming him into strength, and learning to live in society while preserving his own identity and private choices ( when it loses its powers).

Tommy 74, Titi Kuboimmortal team

Ichigo must also learn to accept mourning, no longer afraid of death and make it a strength, which must be achieved and there we will go no further, for that would spoil the experience of reading or discovery during a broadcast. Japanese comics. That’s why the author of his lines thinks Bleach is awesome. Despite the narrative construction where the character surrounds, He has no desire to become “someone”, like Luffy or Naruto. just wants to “be”. It is also a beautiful life lesson, one that he should consider in his quest for everyone. It’s not just a mission, it’s testing, it’s getting it wrong, it’s falling too low and getting up before continuing its journey, even more determined.

A beautiful life lesson in shounen mode, which takes a few turns, but commands a deep respect for the author. The anime has 366 episodes without the final arc, half of which are available on Crunchyroll (at the moment, there are only the first 7 seasons) and DVDs are also available from Kazé. 74 volumes have been published by Glénat. While reading these few lines, your eye may change when you go to discover, re-read or watch Bleach in manga or anime. All the happiness we wish you. Because, yes bleach is awesome.

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