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One piece, there is so much to say about Ichiro Oda’s mangaka work that we won’t end up with a single article. With 25 years on the clock, the animated series recently crossed the 1,000-episode mark, simultaneously becoming one of the longest-running manga in history.


But these are not the only records attributed to the Straw Hat crew.

A small retrospective of the Journey of One Piece

The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy began on July 22, 1997 with its publication in Weekly Shonen Jump. Since that date, the manga series of Mr. Eiichiro Oda has had a string of successes and this led to the adaptation into an animated series in 1999. Every Sunday, fans of the Straw Hats crew are entitled to watch one episode. The One Piece mangaka doesn’t seem to be aware of the blank page syndrome and keeps moving forward week after week.

In November 2021, the animated series crossed the 1,000-episode mark. In addition, the number of books available now is more than 100. The animated series is currently dealing with the Wano arc, which turns out to be a crucial step in the evolution of One Piece. All the lights are green for the franchise, and 2022 promises to be intense with the release of a new feature film called One Piece: Red. There is also a live action movie in the program and it will be released on the Netflix streaming platform.

#1 in running

Breaking records has become second nature to One Piece. Already in 2015, the manga was included in the Guinness Book of Records with more than 320,000,000 copies of self-service to its credit. If this number sounds amazing to you, hold on tight, because Eiichiro Oda’s work has already crossed the 490,000,000 copies mark. If the manga already has many records to its credit, then the anime series also achieves equally resounding feats.

If One Piece was indeed one of the most watched animated series in the world, the advent of Streaming only underlined that trend. According to Semrush, the One Piece series is the most watched illegal stream, with over 550,000 searches per month.

Number of monthly searches
Number of monthly searches

This is yet another achievement attributed to the franchise that continues to establish its dominance in the world of Japan. You may not realize it, but these numbers are simply astronomical and could grow over the next few months.

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