Netflix reveals the crew of the Straw Hats!

A huge publishing fund and a true cultural phenomenon, the One Piece manga will finally be turned into a TV series. And of course, it’s Netflix that sticks with it by announcing its first cast members.

Netflix relies heavily on live-action manga and anime adaptations: of course, Cowboy Bebop Expected on November 19, but also future series Avatar: Another Airbender. The platform also prepares another hunk, which is air conditioning PieceEiichirō Oda manga was launched in 1997 whose success is undeniable. It is simply the best selling manga in the world, before it Dragon Ball.

Lots of adaptive work

Netflix turns the tables on its head with the announcement of the casting of the Straw Hat crew, the main group in the manga. Inaki Godoy will be Monkey D. Luffy, the leader of this team who dreams of becoming the Pirate King. The Mexican actor is best known for his role in the soap industry Who killed Sarah? (Who killed Sarah?).

Makino will play Roronoa Zoro, a three-sword swordsman who wants to become the best in his field. Emily Rudd will be Nami, the navigator expert in mapping and weather forecasting, and Jacob Romero Gibson will be the cowardly Usopp who wants to transform himself into a brave sailor warrior. Finally, Taz Skyler will slip into Chef Sanji’s shoes. An interesting and diverse cast of this crew who will have to find their place in a world dominated by oceans.

And that’s not all, Netflix has also taken care of Eiichirō Oda starting the adventure: he will be involved in developing the series, the first season of which will include ten episodes. However, the author warns that it will take some time to see Piece On the small screen, it is clear that adaptation will require a lot of work. Obviously, it is not known when the series will be shown on the Internet.

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