New Animation by the Original Creators Revealed on Netflix

Netflix used to announce the animation shortly before its release. But for “Bubble” the bet is different: the new anime will not be released until April 28, 2022, but the team behind this project is so crazy that the excitement has already begun.

Netflix: New animated movie ‘Bubble’ from creators of SNK, Death Note and Promare

The cast behind the scenes is one of the most impressive: the Death Note designer is the visual director, the screenwriter Puella magi Madoka Magica is in charge of the story while the Promare composer handles the tape. -He is.

However, the overall animation is managed by the giant WIT Studio. Everything is supervised by Tetsuro Araki, the officer responsible for the attack on Titan (Both movies and series). So he keeps an eye on everything that is done in Japanese anime since he works at MAPPA studio… responsible for Jujutsu Kaisen for example, and for the The second season of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen which arrives in 2022.

In short, it’s enough to make this mysterious “bubble” a colossal success, and Netflix got it. The harassment that already exists will continue over the weeks, until the release of the anime April 28, 2022.

We have been quietly working on this project for several years. So we are proud and happy to reveal it. We have done our best and can’t wait to hear from onlookers! – Tetsuro Araki

Very Japanese scenario: Gravity Rush meets Attack on Titan

For this new animation, some details have already been revealed and it promises an original script. Bubble will actually follow two characters, a boy and a girl, who are attracted to each other in Tokyo where the attraction no longer exists. Bubbles have descended on the city and are changing the physical rules of the world, cutting Tokyo off the outside and forcing the population to stay in this urban jungle.

  • Far from being another animated movie for adult topics However, Bubble will show us groups of guys practicing parkour and jumping from one building to another. In the midst of all this, then, a slightly different love story…

One thing is for sure: the anime will be followed by millions of Netflix viewers around the world. Bubble, a new chain of events? Reply from April 28 to issue. For once: No original manga to draw inspiration from!

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