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he arrived ! Episode 1000 of One Piece will be released soon!
On this occasion, Toei Animation Europe in association with CGR Events presents you the One Piece 1000 Logs Marathon, an extraordinary evening about the adventures of Luffy and his crew, on November 21 at the cinema.

In the festive program:
– Immerse yourself in the world of One Piece with the historical movie “One Piece: A Strong World”.
– Then come and find out, what I have not seen before in the dark rooms:
– Unpublished photo of the famous Luffy
– The thousandth episode of One Piece is in theaters a day after its release in Japan
– And some small bonuses, but we will not tell you more …

spectator review

Max R

Empty, long, boring, extended session, 4 hours of everything but not much, a 20 minute episode where there is no content for episode 1000 and the event…leaves a lot to be desired.
And Kinepolis, between a long event and ads to promote the 20-minute dessert…the physiotherapist isn’t what he used to be!

Jordan Buckelandt

So…in the beginning, the movie dates back to 2011, very little action, the second part I was expecting better, for episode 1000 I had no reaction, the first thing that shocked me was the sound. It’s very low and no bass during fights, watch it at home. Half of the episode presents the story of the characters. Very disappointing for the price of the session.

Ocean Blatter

Disappointing…30 My Tails because we’re really expecting something new and powerful, and we end up with a movie that isn’t the best even if I’d have the pleasure of seeing it again. A documentary on the main character of Luffy is useless because we haven’t learned anything new…. We’re bringing his tour back into the chaos (and it wasn’t even the best moments…). We expected something new, maybe we’ll see a little behind the scenes studios…

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Victor McBernick

Quite frankly disappointing. The movie is not the best of One Piece, the documentaries/summaries are interesting but they only buy time to finally watch the episode Where there are restorations again and where there is no breakthrough in the story

. All this without mentioning the somewhat unbearable DNA ad that was repeated within 20 minutes of the break.

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