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Thousands of hours of adventure have rocked One Piece fans for twenty-two years. On the occasion of the 1000th episode, the first results of this series are universally popular…

22 years after his expulsion, pirate Luffy and his famous crew continue to turn the hearts of fans around the world. During the 20 seasons, the team grew in numbers and gained depth – and the quest for One Piece was an excuse to develop a world of incredible richness. Everyone has their share of memories associated with this precious journey. Sometimes a smile, often crying, but always an optimist – these are the feelings that drive fans of the Straw Hat Pirates. And to celebrate the event of the release of the thousandth episode, all the actors went out of their way: watching the episode in CGR cinemas, partying at the Grand Rex with surprise guests, an immersive day with the svod ADN platform, a special evening on J-One … ADN even prepared a surprise Great for directing a behind-the-scenes documentary Piece authorized”Piece – On the way to Episode 1000″ with interviews with members of Shueisha, Toei Animation, as well as Seiyuu (dubbing actors) Luffy and Usopp. This documentary will be freely available on the DNA platform.

Piece Thus he joined a fairly large club of 16 other members. If young Sazae and its 7,500 episodes seemed indestructible in the first place, Luffy could land in the top ten of the longest-running series and break the 1,500 episode barrier.

© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Toei Animation

200 million episodes watched or 2.4 billion minutes

Exist since 2018 on anime streaming platform: ADN, Piece Continue to gain audiences. And although this series is called a premium series, there is no AVOD (Video On Demand Advertising). Only the first six episodes are available to watch for free. One would think that this access restriction could have an effect on viewing, but that is not the case as shown by the numbers shared and commented by Julien Lemoine, CEO of DNA.

Since 2018, all files . have been viewed Piece It collected nearly 200 million episodes watched, explains Julian Lemoine. This equates to 40 million hours or 2.4 billion minutes. Characters that make you dizzy. In detail, the CEO of DNA explains, the popularity of the series continued to grow: “The series landed on DNA in July 2018, over the course of this half year we watched 400,000 episodes of One saga. Pieces. In 2019, that number is multiplied by ten with 4.5 million episodes watched. In 2020 again, we’re going to 32 million reads over the course of the year. And in 2021, it’s apotheosis with over 160 million episodes watched by our fans.” The confinement and historical approach of this thousandth episode made it appropriately possible to recruit spectators who had hitherto been a little hesitant, not about the series, but to the mountain represented by the idea of ​​embarking on watching more than 950 episodes…

Members Piece Watch entire episodes but skip the credits and the synopsis of the previous episode, which translates to an average watch time of 15 minutes, as analyzed by Julien Lemoine.

Netflix sometimes pulls out half of our audience

In terms of the DNA catalog, with more than 12,000 episodes, the series Piece It weighs 8.3% in terms of number of loops but accounts for 25% of consumption. This means that the performance index is 2.5. Only My Hero Académia performs better with a performance index of 5.5. The main obstacle to consumption Piece It’s always the number of his episodes that can be intimidating – and make it difficult to gain a new audience.

Decoding the popularity of the saga:

If the first (free) episode totals 1 million views, and if each new episode hits 150,000 views in less than a week, DNA’s audience records are 959 to 962 episodes. That’s not really a big deal. Surprise: This coincides with a sub arc of Kozuki Oden’s flashback, and coincides with the high scores on IMDB.

Explore the evolution of average ratings (on for One Piece episodes:

Nicolas Mondon a réalisé pour L'Internaute une infographie dynamique basée sur les notes moyenne de chacun de 999 premiers épisodes de la saga One Piece. Depuis le creux de 2012 et 2013 la note moyenne ne cesse de progresser pour aujourd'hui flirter avec 9,5 de manière continue.

Impossible d'avoir une saga aussi longue sans se poser la question du décrochage ou même celle du recrutement de nouveaux fans. Julien Lemoine décrypte: " Les chiffres pointent un principal décrochage après l'arc de l'île flottante : Skypiea. Et le principal onboarding de nouveaux voyageurs se site à l'épisode 629, avec l'arc de Dressrosa. Ceci peut s'expliquer car cet arc est le plus difficile à se procurer via des canaux illicites. Preuve s'il en était besoin de l'impact de ces dernier vis-à-vis d'une offre légale et accessible".

If we remind the general manager of the legal bid competition, he responds without hesitation: “From the beginning of the adventure Piece On ADN, we had a partnership with J-One TV channel. For us, any distribution is beneficial for the bad reputation of licenses. There is no disassembly between our platform and TV. On the other hand, when one of our cartoons hits Netflix, we lose 50% of their audience. It happens that the American platform makes us gain subscribers quite a bit when they have work around licensing, but not the anime itself. For example, streaming the movie Bleach live on Netflix caused a slight recruiting among us.”

Eiichiro Oda has announced that he is in the final phase of his manga, and that this phase will take several more years. At least 5 others, according to various experts interviewed. Enough to beat many records, while you wait to discover what’s behind One Piece…

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