One Piece Red: The main character of the movie has been confirmed with a heavy teaser!

News culture One Piece Red: The main character of the movie has been confirmed with a heavy teaser!

The manga author himself confirmed that One Piece Red was officially drafted last week on the occasion of the broadcast of the 1,000th episode of the anime. Yesterday, a 30-second teaser confirmed the main character of the feature film.

Shanks, who else?

We told you about it last week: Three years later mass escapeOne Piece will host a new movie titled red one piece. It was Ichiro Oda, the author of the original work, who announced this. Following the broadcast of the 1000th episode of the animated adaptation, a teaser for the film was released on Japan’s One Piece channel. As expected by fans, it is Shanks Le Roux who will be at the center of the action.

A perfectly legitimate choice that makes sense since Shanks le Roux is a core character in One Piece. It appears from the first volume of Oda’s work, which makes Luffy (who is the main character) want to become a pirate. A symbol of the father-son relationship, he gave her the straw hat which became a staple for identifying Luffy during his adventures: he is often called straw hat by the Navy or her fellow pirates. Last but not least, Shanks is part of a very special hacker class. Without spoiler, being a part of this inner circle is synonymous with domination of the seas and witness to great power. However, in the One Piece Act, Shanks’ abilities are never revealed.

Oda in support, Director of Code Geass at the helm

Unfortunately, this trailer does not provide any additional information. If we know that the feature film will be canonical, that is, the facts are true and fit the original work, then no further details about the plot or its duration will be filtered out. However, the joke mentions that the film will be directed by Guru Taniguchi, a director known for his collaborations with the animation studio. Sunrise (GundamAnd Code Geass). In the dubbing, part of the cast has already been announced:

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  • Monkey D. Luffy: Mayumi Tanaka
  • Zoro Roronoa: Kazuya Nakai
  • Nami: Akemi Okamura
  • Sanji: Hiroakik Hirata
  • Tony Tony Chopper: Ikwe Otani
  • Usopp: Kabei Yamaguchi
  • Frankie: KazukiiYao
  • Brook: Yeichi Nagihima
  • Nico Robin: Yuriko Yamaguchi

Finally, the release date of One Piece Red has also been reported: Shanks will be released on August 06 in Japan. So it won’t be available before this date in France, especially since movies often take longer to arrive than anime episodes. Until then, we’ll have to go back to the manga or edit: the former will publish its 100th volume in France next month, while the second saw its thousandth episode aired this weekend.

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