Rappers become a mangaka

Friday December 10 2021

Size 100 of Piece Released in bookstores on Wednesday (250,000 copies printed, the Jonkour Prize raffle), it’s an opportunity to honor the rappers who took their pen to write manga in turn. Since then, manga culture has had a huge impact on French rap I who said it was inspired by the battery And Cobra Even the new generations for whom the muses are called One Piece, Naruto, Death Note, Hunter X Hunter or GTO, without forgetting Dragon BallAn essential reference and cross-generational influence. in home OrlsanAnd JamesAnd PNLAnd Demi PorchenAnd black mAnd WaldAnd NepalAnd when alphaAnd Freezing CorleoneAnd JulyAnd BubaAnd KarisAnd dinosAnd KikraAnd AlonzoAnd do not stop even Ruf, I found a lot of perforated lines, even titles that refer to manga characters. A reference that even turns into an obsession for some.

Orelsan called Saitama, a hero one man punch, in the French version of the anime, also paid attention to the credits, but did not go further. In Japan, we must be martyred Samurai Champlooby Shinichiro Watanabe (to whom we owe Cowboy Bebop), which blends a hip-hop aesthetic with the Edo-era samurai, but it’s still an anime, not a manga.

If the influence of manga on rap music is obvious, the opposite is less

Today, there are two French rappers: James And Third worldAnd soon a third car soolking He writes his own manga, which we don’t know much about at the moment. One can imagine that the shadow Piece He will hover over his future work: Soolking borrowed his name from the character Brock in the Iichiro Oda manga.

The most anticipated manga was definitely the one in James (which also takes its name from Piece, « Mugiwara no Ishimi » being the name of the Straw Hat crew). It was the idea of ​​Gims over 15 years ago, called manga Satan’s effectsThe first volume was released 3 years ago and the publishing house sees it as a “great disappointment”.

It did not achieve the expected commercial success (21,000 copies sold), despite a large circulation (50,000 copies) and

It did not achieve the expected commercial success (21,000 copies sold), despite a large circulation (50,000 copies) and great promotion. Satan’s effects Tells a story about Struggling in a world devoid of the force of gravity, Case and his friends Melina and Magnum are plunged into chaos and darkness after the moon is destroyed.. Kaïs is exceptionally strong, he hates violence but still engages in secret battles to give money to his aunt who raised him. James surrounded himself with his brother Darcy, French author Jean-David Morvan and Japanese Yoshiasu Tamura, in order to obtain Realistic drawing, atmosphere as in Ken Survivor_, where complete despair. “The success and criticism weren’t there and it’s not certain that Casey’s adventure continues, Volume 2 has yet to be announced.

Nako success

A good surprise came from Le Havre in the person of Tiers Monde (formerly of Din Records, founder of the group Double Bites Accompanied by Brav, who returned last year under the pseudonym Tiers) in manga nako. Nako is a 12-year-old boy, from the village of “Convinced”. (a nod to the city) and that the traditional rites of crossing into adulthood are sent into the woods to pass the ‘rituals of dreams’. During his absence, the village is under attack…Nako grows over the course of the story, becoming more mature as he faces the trials of life, and the third world manga is a real success. It has everything we love in one shonen : solid story, adventure, strong sense of storytelling and suspense, humour, free imagination, questions about values ​​such as friendshipAnd integrity, the Competition, the Destin…and nodding to July And Kendrick Lamar (among other things) which does not spoil anything. The first arc for Nako has been planned in 6 volumes and volume 4 is in preparation. In volume 3, Nako finds himself having to team up with two of his teammates, including the terrible Noah, a pretty badass girl, and must learn to master the power he hides during the tournament, a figure he’s almost imposed in the shounen. nako Published exclusively in the digital Japanese edition of Shônen Jump +, the legendary magazine published Dragon BallAnd Piece where Naruto.

The manga was drawn by Max (Maxime Masgrau), to whom we also owe album covers from Medina, Demi-Portion, Brav and Tiers-Monde. Max has a unique feature that perfectly serves the narrative and highlights the feelings of the characters.

Basically, you pounce on Nako while you wait to read what Solking et al will publish!

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