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Mango ” Shingeki no Kyogen‘, also calledTitans attack“about to finish”. According to its creator Hajime IssamaThe manga is 95% complete, so the next few issues may be the last of Eren and the Reconnaissance Troop.

Only those who followed the story Japanese comics, Be careful, Later there will be spoilers. the some It has evolved to the point where it’s clear that Eren is no longer one of theHassan, revealing his ultimate plan for extermination of all mankind And leave the elders alive using rumble of the earth.

Learn the story of the comic Isayama They read this term on more than one occasion, but only those who read the whole story understood its meaning. In fact, some of the seasoned fans are still Doubts about what Earth Rumble really is and how it works.

Therefore, in this article we will review the history of ” Titans attackAnd how could it have been rumble of the earth You will be active. In addition, some details that fans did not understand about the new transformation of she was In one of the greatest Titans series.


The walls were created from colossal titans (Photo: Kodansha)

To understand this concept, we have to go back in time to the last days of Great War of the Titans Enter Marley Yes today. the king Karl Fritz Use the strength of the founder Titan to create three huge walls in Paradise Island: Maria, Rose Yes China, Each one was named after one of his three daughters Ymir Fritz.

These walls were built from millions of giant titans They used the ability to harden to shape it without any cracks. For this reason, the constructions always looked very strange everywhere ” Titans attack‘, even if no one imagines that among them The unemployed titans still live.

Karl Fritz Then other countries threatened to use force Founder of Titan To awaken these giants on the ramparts and destroy the earth If they threaten his people again. Secretly, the king knew that it was too dangerous, so he set up.” A vow to renounce war” , in order to No future heir to the founders titan power would ever consider using this plan.

Although he nearly died in Chapter 119, Eren manages to communicate with Zeke and enter the Invisible Paths (Photo: Kodansha)

This vote made all the caliphs look like ” honoredIn addition to the legacy of the doctrine of peace Carl Fritz. Therefore, all those who belong to royal blood They will accept the extermination of their own people before using this power against his attackers, which the first king accepted by building walls in it the Paradise.

However, in the last episodes of the manga, your outfit Yes she was Together, they sought to control this power one way or another. Your outfit was royal blood Yes Eren contained the power of a founding giant Within it, the two of them would find a way to manipulate all of the colossal Titans to end the conflict.

However, when they enter the so-called “invisible paths“They both meet the same thing Ymir, who was a girl who was trapped by the royal family there. she was He discovered his sad story in connection with her and was angry at everything he felt, He asked her to give him his strength to end everything once and for all.

Eren comforts Ymir and asks for his help to put an end to everything.  Accept and activate the rumbling of the earth (Photo: Kodansha)

Eren comforts Ymir and asks for his help to put an end to everything. Accept and activate the rumbling of the earth (Photo: Kodansha)

Ymir accept this when she was Transforms into a gigantic giant never seen before, activating all giant titans and start The plan to destroy all mankind: the roar of the earth. Briefly, she was He was directing millions of Titans to walk in one direction, erasing everything in their path.

As expected, in the last issues of the manga, it becomes clear she was Do not intend to stop rumble of the earth, and they will be the survivors of Survey Corps Make a plan to stop it. killed millions of giant titans That would be impossible, so there is only one option left: kill Eren.

Earth rumble, the plan to wipe out the human race (Photo: Kodansha)

Earth rumble, the plan to wipe out the human race (Photo: Kodansha)

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