Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: V for Vendetta

Blood, death, tears, screams… This time it’s all, season 4 Titans attack Hostilities began. Warning: spoilers! They say it can make your eyes pop very fast very angry Episode 5 (check here) ends with Eren transforming into an attacking Titan, under the helpless eyes of Reiner and Falco. Which clearly heralded the start of the … Read more

One Piece, Squid Game and Parasite push young people towards Asian languages

A British report said that the success of manga, K-pop, soap operas or films is linked to increased enrollment in university language classes. Interest in Asian culture is well established. With real success in Western societies, an academic report has shown the relationship between the spread of Japanese and Korean arts and the increased enrollment … Read more

How the awesome shonen Tite Kubo revolutionized manga culture

ovary Happened 20 years ago Our shelves, manga announce a new generation of readers. Being part of the Big Three with One piece And NarutoThese three titles replaced Shonen Jump and drew a new line in the modern manga. With DVD and Blu-ray version of burning witchIt was a chance for us to go back … Read more