Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: V for Vendetta

Blood, death, tears, screams… This time it’s all, season 4 Titans attack Hostilities began. Warning: spoilers! They say it can make your eyes pop very fast very angry Episode 5 (check here) ends with Eren transforming into an attacking Titan, under the helpless eyes of Reiner and Falco. Which clearly heralded the start of the … Read more

How the awesome shonen Tite Kubo revolutionized manga culture

ovary Happened 20 years ago Our shelves, manga announce a new generation of readers. Being part of the Big Three with One piece And NarutoThese three titles replaced Shonen Jump and drew a new line in the modern manga. With DVD and Blu-ray version of burning witchIt was a chance for us to go back … Read more