The date of publication of the latest manga from the series “Attack on Titan”.

with the TV series Shingeki no KyogenEntering the fourth and final season and the manga in its final arc, the popular series is fast approaching the finale that fans have been waiting for for years. The only sure thing is that all sides will lose something in the final battle.

the reconnaissance forces Fight a new villain dealing with the most powerful threat they’ve ever faced, and the characters we’ve known in many episodes and have been a part of this adventure certainly seem, They will not survive to the end.

In the last chapters of Titans attack“,” Eren Jaeger Gain the ability to access the full power of Titan was foundedr, reunited with his brother in an attempt to eliminate anyone who did not rich religion Running in his veins and unleashed rumbling” In the world.

In the face of the new plan she was, new Exploration Corps Who collects heroes like Armin, Mikasa And old enemies like Rainer And that I. Now we know that the next Chapter 136 From the manga to be released soon, but … when the last volume of ” Shingeki no Kyogen«? cartoons He has the answer.


Shingeki no Kyojin will be out in a few months (Photo: Kodansha)

The final battle between a nation Marley and the the elderly Take a serious turn, with Eren Jaeger get strength Founder of Titan, as already mentioned above. Unfortunately armin And my house, They can’t bend it and are now at their fullest, one of which is the ability to revive former mortal bearers Nine Powers of the Titanic.

user Share he didn’t just do it Volume 34 The manga will cover its final story, but it will be released in a few months when the seasons change, to show how the story ofreconnaissance forces And the heroes we knew have finally arrived:

The official date will be between May 2021 Even June from the same year. This means that the entire story of the manga will be over before the middle of the year and that the anime, which was scheduled to air for a few more episodes, will need to be extended or, in this case, reduce the speed of the chapters to be released for. coincide between the two. End.

In the fourth season of the anime, Shingeki no KyogenGet away from history Paradise Island Instead it emphasizes soldiers Marley Try to become the next heirs to the power of the Titans, a power that only he can inherit the elders They are considered demons.

Everyone will fight Eren in the last chapters of
Everyone will fight Eren in the final chapters of “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Photo: Kodansha)

with his mother Marley They decide they need strength Founder of Titan To stay at the top of the food chain in the face of all the conflicts they have with other countries, it seems your outfit And your fellow soldiers won’t have to wait long to meet Eren JaegerAs already met Rainer.

There are still many questions to be answered about what will happen in Shingeki no KyogenAnd the heroes of his novel, but undoubtedly the biggest question about him Final is the identity From child and adult Which appears in the supposed final image of the series that the author shared and what he says ” Now you are free».

The mysterious image revealed by the recent painting of “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Photo: Kodansha)

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