The true origin of Paradise Island

With weekly episodes of the fourth and final season on the air. Shingeki no KyogenAttracting the attention of fans all over the world. At the end of Season 3, to meNoun It opens to reveal a larger view of your world’s history, including the hidden truth that there is a very important connection between the Eldian race and the Titans.

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But after three full seasons, the Japanese comics You are now ready to discover The true story behind the origin of the Titans And its relationship with the citizens Paradise Island. the season 4 It explores this relationship in more detail and brings the anime to an end, ending nearly seven years of the Titanic’s powers enigma.

the last Episode 5 From season 4 From ” Shingeki no KyogenThe correct answer was given to a question that fans have been searching for: How was it Paradise Island? What is the peculiarity of its inhabitants? Why does the outside world want to destroy all of its inhabitants?

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All this was revealed during a speech Willy Tibor in a ” Declaration of warShow the true story of why the Titans haven’t finished the world yet and why Paradise Island He is a great enemy of mankind. Be careful! There will be spoilers later.

The true history of Paradise Island

It was King Fritz who actually ended the Eldanese War (Photo: Mapa Studio)

As mentioned, the Sages somehow gained Nine Giant Powers, and the ability to transform at will into these giant creatures with special abilities. This led to a Civil war, All because certain groups wanted complete control of the giants and thus rule the world.

the titan war continued 1700 years and when Karl Fritz crowned on King 145 of the Eldian EmpireHe decided to change everything. At that time, eight different clans were fighting for control of the Titans and King use force Founder of Titan to maintain balance.

However, tired of the struggle, he decided to escape forcefully Founder of Titan To a nearby island: Paradise Island. conspired together with Tybur . family To be able to escape and leave the war in the hands of fate. The plan was simple: while Tybur and his allies conquered today, most of its citizens fled with King Fritz family Paradise Island.

The Tybur family, who owns the Warhammer Titan, has made an alliance with King Fritz (Image: Studio Mappa)
The Tybur family, who owns the Warhammer Titan, has made an alliance with King Fritz (Image: Studio Mappa)

the Tybur Allied with them Marley, a nation hit the elders, And they waited for them to weaken in order to obtain the most gigantic power of their rank. for this part, King Fritz He guided all the residents of his town who wanted to escape to paradise island, Using his power to protect them.

Karl Fritz use force Founder of Titan to create walls in them Huge Titans: Maria, Rose and CenaWalls that would block any attempt from outsiders to conquer them. Then he used again Ability to erase all villagers’ memories in the outside world, causing them to believe that the Titans were monsters that wiped out all of humanity.

In addition, King Fritz created a file Commemorative Promise So that the heirs of strength Founder of Titan they won’t wake up A million mighty titans walls and use this power to end humanity. It was a promise to follow the ideas King Against conflicts, do not use force and ensure peace, However the city of Eldia must be destroyed.

King Fritz has millions of colossal giants who can destroy the world (Image: Studio Mappa)
King Fritz has millions of colossal giants who can destroy the world (Image: Studio Mappa)

That’s why no Heir to giant power can do anything when RainerAnd Bertoldt And that I They attacked the first wall. for several years Marley He was trying to find a way to gain strength Founder of Titan Corporation, But they can’t think of anything better than sending four soldiers of religion with powers Jaw, colossal, female and warship.

As we have already seen in the program, That plan failed. in the rest of the world, Marley and other countries They treated elders worse than slaves, and only Marley He had a city for them in exchange for an oath of allegiance to giant powers. Sent by someone who broke the rules. In Paradisewhich means to be Transformed into pure titans on Paradise Island So they wander aimlessly in these lands.

now with war Advertise for Paradise Island And she was in possession of Founder of Titan, nothing more than contact with someone from royal blood This prevents it from activating the ramparts and bringing millions of colossal Titans across the sea, what will happen to its inhabitants in the end? Manga readers know this well.

Eren transforms into Attack Titan at the end of Tybur's speech (Photo: Studio Mappa)
Eren transforms into Attack Titan at the end of Tybur’s speech (Photo: Studio Mappa)

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