The unlikely names Luffy and his gang could have been in French

The chain was launched by the Glinat Publishing House in France in 2000 Piece. Currently, Luffy’s Adventures has 100 volumes set in France! If our favorite characters today were called by their real first name, that wasn’t always the case. Re-released in 2013, the French version of Piece It was based on the original names of the mugiwaras. But this was not always the case…

We know them as Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Zoro or even Sanji, but our beloved mugiwaras didn’t always proudly display their original names. It was only in 2013 that Glénat decided to re-release the series Piece With the original names and surnames of the characters.

Piece Before the 2013 reissue

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During its launch in France Piece It was published in the Western sense of reading, and the French version did not change to the Japanese meaning of reading until volume 16. But if the volumes were quickly published “in the good sense”, the same could not be said of the first names of the Mujiwaras. In fact, it has not been reissued Piece In France it begins. After 66 volumes, a translator is being brought to trial, and we will know no more. The important thing to remember is that Usopp is no longer called Bebo, and Sanji is no longer called Sandy! The numbers of the reissued volumes were previously in white in yellow.

one piece 2000

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What we remember from this old edition is that Sanji was called Sandy, Usopp was called Bebo (like Lies), Zoro was pronounced Zorro, and Sojiking meanwhile became King Duterte (“King of Archery”, Boone meant, the translator had a sense of humor) . Our favorite characters from Piece Sailing not on the Grand Line but on the Road of All Dangers, Luffy had a Fruit of Jam-Sam. “Gomu Gomu no…” from Luffy’s attacks that you know became “Gum Gum”. Even if most fans of today cried for the blasphemy, we still ran from the worst. Fortunately now, even the French versions are faithful to the original Japanese. Wait there, the rest is worse.

one piece 2000

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promotional version of Piece

When a manga has to be edited in France, several versions are submitted before the final version is approved. Know that the first version could have been 10 times worse than the one we had! While there were still very few manga published in France in 2000, publishers were trying to Frenchize the works as much as possible so as not to confuse readers. Then that was a promotional version of Piece It is served super francized, and you will laugh.

Luffy was supposed to be called “Monkey de Corentin”, Zoro: “Terence Sabrilong”, Nami: “Corin”, Chopper: “Damian”. we continue? If we told you it should have been called Tashiji Magali, that’s okay. But what if you were told that the smoker should have been called “Colonel Vomit”? And the crocodile: “Henry Sableder”? Anyway, we got away with it, and this promotional version wasn’t selected. Despite everything, photos of this disgraceful edition were taken, and they spread on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, fans scorned this translation without restrictions. We can’t imagine that Piece Without Luffy or Zoro!

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