These 15 Anime Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Notice

the easter eggs They are now part of popular culture. Today we can find it in any business: Movies, series, cartoons, video games, etc. We have all experienced, at one time or another, this self-satisfaction once the precious reference has been found. We have already given you 15 Easter eggs in the Marvel Universe. Today we suggest you do the same, but inside Japanese comics ! Rest assured, they are not left out. Without further ado, here 15 easter eggs which you may not have noticed.

#15 And the manga parasite Appears on the cover of a magazine in the language Hunter X Hunter

during an episode ofHunter X Hunter, we can see a character Meiji The parasite that lives on the right hand main protagonist parasite – On the cover of a magazine clearly dedicated to manga and anime. madhouseAnimation studio in the back Hunter X Hunter, has just been announced parasite Like his future project. Meiji is placed below “Next”. full circle.

#14 scar (full metal alchemist) in an episode of My hero academy

In episode 49 of My hero academy – baptized one for all – It is possible to glimpse briefly the character scar, which appears in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, However, his scars are not visible. However, it is possible to recognize it! Also note: Both series are hosted by Studio Bones.

#13 of the well-known manga among character purchases barakamon

in a loop BarakamonIn the character’s shopping bag, we can notice the manga sheet of full metal alchemist Based on soul eater. Very good readings!

#12 Famous couple in one anime scene kill style kill

For those who haven’t noticed, we can watch an iconic cinema duo in the background of a scene from kill style kill : Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega! Proof that Easter eggs aren’t just about cartoons.

#11 in Gintama, there is a parody dragon ball z

Call Gintama Kai, This parody offers a An alternative version of the year Dragon ball Z. Obviously, this is only one among many others out there in the world Gintama.

#10 koro-sensei takes the air from cosplayers in Classroom assassination

in anime Assassination of the seasons, a personality Koro-Sensei refers to a number of very popular manga among fans. We can, among other things, take gestures to NarutoAnd Dragon ball Z or Titans attack. Another reason to want him as a teacher!

#9 Kurapika de Hunter X Hunter He has a Puu keychain (Yo Yo Hakusho)

Mango Hunter X Hunter And Yo Yo Hakusho They are both imagined by the same manga, specifically Yoshihiro Togashi. So it is not surprising to see a replica of Puu hanging On the Kurapika cell phone.

#8 Titan Hiding In The Sand Castles Of Chitoge And Kosaki (Nisekoi)

In episode 18 of Nisekoi, Chitoge and Kosaki build sandcastles. Then the two young women succeed in building a beautiful and big city that brings back many memories. In the middle of it, we can see thatTitan attacks a wall… Is it really necessary to clarify what kind of anime this is referring to?

#7 Arataka Reigen de Mob Psycho 100 communicates with Saitamaone man punch)

It seems that the Arakata Reigen is a very good friend of Saitama, According to his call log. The superhero also appears in first place with a picture as a reward. This is mainly explained by the fact that these two worlds were created by the same mangaka, the official Under one alias.

#6 Cast death note appears in Full metal panic! second raid

Those who watch the anime Full metal panic! second raid They may have noticed this scene, which only lasts a few seconds. In episode 6 of the series, it’s possible to watch L on a bike, as well Light, Sôichirô and Misa from the cast death note.

#5 Aruka Zoldyck de Hunter X Hunter Enjoy playing sailor moon

scene from I grow Hunter X Hunter (2011 edition) Lets us take a look at young Aruka Zoldik playing with mini dolls. A closer look at children’s toys reveals their striking resemblance to Sailor Moon and a tuxedo mask. These are the main characters of the license sailor moon Created both Par Naoko Takeuchi, Who is remarkably married to the father of the epic Hunter X Hunter.

#4 Carlo SpongeBob Get a headscarf in lagann gurren

Strange as it may sound, the famous Carlo from SpongeBob Featured in a Japanese anime. During episode 12 of Lagann gurren, It is possible to take a look at our favorite octopus story a few moments …

#3There is no game, no lifeFamous J-RPGs completed

Sora is a passionate player, and seems to have finished all the video games within his reach. However, some have marked it more than others. Among them, we find RPG cult of the archipelago such asAkiba tripAnd steins, gate or Person 4.

#2 Staz D blood boy Tries to throw Kamehameha

Staz Charlie Blood is the main character of the anime blood boy. This also otaku vampire, Who would rather play video games and read manga than fulfill their obligations. No wonder, then, that during one of his fights, Staz tried to use the most popular technique of his favorite hero: the Kamehameha.

#1 Light Yagami (death note) awaits verdict in death procession

about concept death procession It is based on a series of arbitrations, which make it possible to judge whether the souls of the deceased were intended for reincarnation or destruction. We can see in one of the anime episodes Light Yagami patiently awaits the verdict. A gesture full of meaning if we follow the character’s adventures in death note.

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