These are 12 Easter eggs and the details you may not have seen (Part 2)

A few months ago, we brought you our first batch of Easter eggs that you might not have noticed before Piece. Today, we plan to provide some new details, this time, Most notably, the fans. being Piece It consists of a large number of volumes, for its paper version, and several episodes related to its adaptation to the animation. So it’s not uncommon to miss a few winks and other subtle details. Fortunately, we have compiled for you 12 new Easter eggs and details you might not have noticed.

#1 manga cover 61 looks like volume 1 cover with new crew members

#2 Give some characters a hidden meaning

Shanks bonus numbers 4, 8 and 9 can be read as “shi”, “ya” and “ku”. in katakana These three characters exist as Shanks. This is also true for other characters. Sections made up of premium numbers Big Mom writes “Mom” (88) On the authority of Kaido his nickname “One Hundred Beasts” (110), and his white beard is the word “white” (46) and Jules D. Roger’s first name (648).

#3 The cover of chapter 310 of the manga was full of meaning

At the bottom right of the cover of Chapter 310, we can see written “Shibakaru” which means “I’m going away for a while.” This advertises in particular Robin and Usopp leave the crew at the Enies Lobby. We can also see the Kozuki logo as a pattern on Luffy’s kimono.

#4 Anime hotspots are inspired by places that already exist

#5 Luffy and Frankie wore the exact same shirt

#6 The Story Behind Sharp Ace

In this illustration, Ace can be seen wearing a fake mustache. It was a way to show That Ace was already the son of Jules D. Roger, Before formalizing it a little later.

#7 It’s been over 12 years since…

In chapter 84 of the manga Octo makes it clear that he is the second best swordsman of Pisces men. Much later, in Chapter 629, we learn about Hugheso, the greatest swordsman of this kind.

#8 The circle is complete

In Usopp’s introductory arc, the character explains that the Navy mistook Luffy’s wanted notice, Believing that the reward of 30 million berry was usually given to him. When the hacker finally got his first wanted poster, His premium is up to 30 million berry.

#9 But where is Luffy?

#10 Zoro called Sanji a prince without knowing that he was

#11 The crossed out “S” on Ace’s arm is a tribute to Sabo

Crossed out letter “S” in Ace tattoo It may refer to Sabo. it will be kind of loyalty To the symbol that can be found at the top of his ship’s mast. If Sabo had not been presumed dead, the tattoo on Ace’s arm would have consisted only of the three letters that make up his first name.

#12 Usopp Can Be Seen On A Wanted Zoro Poster

And Universe Piece It interests you, find out why Eiichiro Oda was able to congratulate one of his biggest competitors.

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