TikTok users expose themselves in fictional realities

On TikTok, young users tell how meditation methods are allowing them to change their world and reach for fictional truths. Their favorite scenario? Go to Hogwarts to try to seduce Draco Malfoy.

Decorate your dreams To reach, for one night, the desired reality : This is something we’ve all experienced at least once, but it generally remains a bedroom secret. Not anymore! On TikTok, the teen’s favorite platform where the phenomenon is exported, fantasies no longer define modesty.

via The hashtag #shiftingrealities has already racked up nearly 170 million viewsA strange community of dreamers, or rather, transformers »Share their experiences in alternative realities and their techniques for reaching other universes vhe preformatted scenarios. As strange as it may sound, immersive technologies have nothing to do with it.

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POV: Not POV. I want to go back so bad. I hope I don’t get attached. ##fyp ## dracomalfoy ## draco ## harrypotter ## hogwarts ## shifting ## shiftingrealities

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Exercise at the crossroads between Fans Fantasy and meditation

But what does it actually consist of? ” shifterIt is the transformation of one’s consciousness from one reality to another. It explains that we do it every day without even realizing it This TikTok user. With every choice you make, envision yourself in another reality. But you can also train yourself to move in a reality completely different from your own (like Hogwarts or in Japanese animation). »

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A topic that requires an open mind ## Transformation of Reality ## Transformation of Reality ## Multiverse ## Desired Realism ## Quantum Leap ## Dimension Leaps ## Reality Transformation

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at the crossroads between Fan fiction, dreams, meditation, even self-hypnosis, This trend should excite school psychologists. Browsing through trend-related videos, we discover that the wizarding world of Harry Potter is especially prized, especially by girls, who make up the bulk of society and (literally) only dream of one thing: going out with his famous rival, blond Draco Malfoy who hits the head a bit. . And somehow they found a way to do it.

“Changing reality is a very strange experience. It’s like a very lucid dream, but it’s more real than any I’ve ever seenHelen, 15, says to vice. Before planning this out, I write a text myself on the Notes app on my phone. It helps me plan what exactly I want to happen there – I can write that I want to go to Hogwarts, or that Draco is my boyfriend or that he’s flirting with me, for example. »

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Find me in a reality where the planet never dies? ✌? ## Transformation of Facts ## Transformation ## Astral Prediction ## Transformation of Reality

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specific methods

on TikTok, but also reddit where Amino Where followers of altered states of consciousness meet, we detail the methods that allow shifter ». The two most popular are “The Raven Technique” – which includes extending your arms like stars and counting down from 100 – from ” Alice in Wonderland ” It consists in imagining oneself running after a person whom one would like to see in a certain reality and jumping with him into a burrow. Yes.


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As for vocabulary, it is best to review your cards because the abbreviations used in conversations are numerous. Commercial Record (“Current Reality”) refers to your primary reality. upside down, Doctor (“Desired Reality”) is about what you’re looking to dedicate to yourselves (with titles of Jude Law, Penelope Cruz, or Harry Potter, no one judges). but that is not all. There is also a file WR (“waiting room”), a kind of waiting room you pass through if you haven’t worked hard enough on your scenario, or even a TR (“temporary reality”), a temporary world in which you can practice altering reality or just pass the time . Complete program!

Next time for sure, you will never plan your dreams the same way again.

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