Top 10 scariest moments in anime

The best-selling manga in history with nearly 500 million copies soldAnd Piece It has been a global phenomenon for more than two decades now. Overall shōnen and anime fun throughout the adventures Monkey D. Luffy and his friendsHowever, there are a number of particularly dark events. Here are the 10 darkest moments in the anime, According to Ranker . user votes.

Warning: This article contains a lot of loot related to anime Piece ! So be careful if you are not up to date.

#10 Marie Geoise And Slavery

The Holy Land of Marie Joyes (or Marie Joy) seems to be a wonderful land where nobles lived. But above all slavery is widespread there, where there are all slaves. On several occasions, the anime allows us to see the horrors these people are going through. As with the Hancock Sisters, they were forced to eat demonic fruits to amuse their master.

#9 The “Relationship” Between Doctor Hogback And Cendre

Cindri was an actress that Dr. Hogback was obsessed with. When she died, he grabbed her body and then brought it back to life to serve him. to ensure his dominance over it, Hogback has insulted and abused the poor woman on numerous occasions.

#8 Trafalgar Law Leak

Trafalgar Law grew up in Flutters, a town that fell terribly ill, leading the government to put it under quarantine. Some of the population was exterminated to avoid any danger of breeding, like Lu’s parents when he was still a young boy. Eventually he will manage to escape by hiding under the rubble.

#7 Condemnation of the Don Quixote family

Don Quixote was a noble family who lived at the expense of many slaves. But the father of the family, Humming, refused such a life and preferred to leave, even if it meant living in poverty. This led to the death of his wife and did not even allow the family to get rid of the slaves’ contempt for them. They ended up catching Huming and her children, tying them to a wall and abusing them, that will participate in leading Doflamingo Don Quixote to the dark side of the force.

#6 Caesar’s Clown Experiments

Caesar Clown is a character of questionable morals. This “scientist” is conducting long-term, dark, painful and deadly experiments on children, To serve his own interests while making them believe that he is trying to help humanity.

#5 Toko’s father dies before his eyes

Shimotsuki Yasui is a brave man, Who decides to sacrifice himself? To fight against the Shogun Orochi and help the rebels. Unfortunately, her daughter Toko attends the scene helplessly. And his attempts to revive him will not yield anything.

#4 The Fate of Bartholomew Kuma

If Bartholomew Kuma causes a lot of trouble to the Straw Hats, I have unfortunately paid dire consequences. He is captured, and undergoes the experiments of Dr. Vejapunk who turns him into a pacifist, Cyborg is used as a weapon by the Navy. Now a simple commodity is being sold to whoever pays the highest price, and he has lost all his freedom and will.

#3 Sanji’s father locks him up in a dungeon

Judge Vinsmoke, Sanji’s father, does not necessarily have a paternal instinct. And therefore , When he decides that his son does not live up to his expectations, makes him die And he goes so far as to organize a funeral in his honor. In fact He is holding him in a dungeon, His face is covered with a metal mask. Fortunately, he managed to escape with the help of his sister, and not without consequences.

#2 The death of Kazuki Oden

The former leader of Nine Red Fourreaux, Kazuke Oden suffered a particularly horrific death. dipped in boiling oil This made him suffer greatly, but he managed to hold out to protect the rest of his crew. brave to the end, Eventually Kaido shot him in the head.

#1 Charlotte Linlin’s predatory appetite

When she was young, Charlotte Linlin, the future member of the Four Emperors, already had a big appetite. Abandoned by her parents, she was taught to trade the orphan mother Carmel. After fasting for twelve days, I felt very hungryShe began to devour everything around her, including Mother Carmel.

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