Top 10 smartest anime characters

Some archetypes often appear in animation, and the super-intelligent character archetype is no exception. A little genius, a masterful strategist, good knowledge … there are many different versions! Their strength lies in their analytical skills, alertness, and the responsiveness of their brains. By the time you finish the first side of the Rubik’s Cube, they have already foiled a plan to destroy humanity. While you wait to get past them, we let you practice with our last quiz!

# 10. Deserved – Hunter X Hunter

We start strong, with a character whose intelligence is only matched by his formidable strength. Meruem appears in Hunter X Hunter During the arc of the Kimera ants (ants-chimaeras), a very dangerous life form that is distinguished by superior adaptability and ability to evolve. They reproduce by eating any form of life and acquiring its characteristics, which explains the great diversity of individuals among them. Meruem is the result of the phantom ant queen absorbing a large amount of “privileged” humans.

Despite the violence and bloodthirstiness of his birth, Meurem is very calm in his contact with humans. Accompanied by Komugi – an exceptional player genji, a board game imagined by the author and inspired by shoji – He will train himself to master the art genji. In just a few matches, he reached a level close to that of the best players in the world. His analytical mind makes him a martial genius. His intelligence led him to question himself on philosophical issues, and in this sense brought him closer to humans, despite his brutal nature.

#9.Saiki Kusuo- Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan

Saiki Kusuo is a young high school teenager who possesses psychic powers. Among other things, he masters telekinesis and telepathy. The antennas he wears on his head limit his capabilities : In fact, Saiki Kasuo does not wish to reveal it to his comrades. Instead of solitude, he prefers to go unnoticed and live a mundane life. He is also able to change his gender, with a two-hour shift.

Saiki Kusuo’s intelligence is beyond doubt. In fact, he would have been caught speaking a few weeks after his birth and forced to hide his abilities in class so as not to arouse suspicion. His immense talent allows him to see the future and Led him to predict the destruction of Japan 4 years ago! To prevent this from happening, he would go back in time as many times as necessary, while working on his powers and making the situation as normal as possible in the eyes of the other students.

8- Ranbu Edogawa stray bongo dogs

Ranbu Edogawa is a famous detective, a member of the Armed Detective Agency, whose job is to uncover “supernatural” crimes that are too difficult for the military police. This unit consists of investigators who themselves enjoy the powers. His peers consider him himself “the best detective in the world.”

This title deserves it more because, unlike his comrades, he does not have a special ability. This does not prevent him from claiming a “strength” that allows him to solve any puzzle in a few seconds. Even if he was hiding behind this so-called gift, there was no doubt that he had a great deductive intelligence.

# 7. Norman – The Promised Neverland

Norman lives at Gracefield – An excellent breeding farm disguised as an orphanage whose goal is to produce “human meat” dedicated to mysterious demons – With other orphaned children. He is considered among the most intelligent children, and regularly achieves maximum scores on tests of intelligence and reasoning that they are exposed to daily.

From the first chapter of the manga, he is presented as a “genius”. It was the origin of Grace Field’s escape plan that would allow his sons to leave, but would sacrifice himself for them. Caged in an experimental farm, he will be able to escape, causing the latter’s destruction and gathering the living humans into a sanctuary. Norman is an outstanding strategist with exceptional predictability.

6- Kiyotaka Ayanokouji- Elite class

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a student at Kudo Ikusei High School, It is famous as the best educational institution in Japan with an acceptance rate of 100% in major schools and jobs when going out. Special Feature: Students get points upon arrival, which can be used as currency within the school. The best students are treated well there while the less fortunate suffer the grievances of the elites.

During the entrance exams, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji answers to get exactly 50 points and integrate class D, is dedicated to “lower” students and is regularly ridiculed. As an accomplished strategist, he also possesses exceptional analytical skills which he will use in Class D to raise his level, without taking credit for it. Smart and altruistic personality!

# 5. Beam – The Promised Neverland

Ray is one of Grace Field’s top trio, along with Norman and Emma. He has a tremendous memory and is considered by his peers to be a “living encyclopedia”. His knowledge of the outside world makes him an indisputable asset to a group of children who aim to overthrow the demon system and reach Earth.

By the age of 12, Ray had already read all the books of the orphanage – the goal he set for himself. He can also decode and speak Morse code. Among the children, he was the only one who learned the truth about Grace Field at the age of six, and thus struck a deal with Isabella (their “nanny”), which made him a mole. This prestige and the responsibilities it entails for a child of this age attests to his great intelligence and a certain maturity.

# 4. Light Yagami – death note

Light Yagami is a talented high school student, especially cold and insensitive. When he finds the Death Note by chance and discovers how powerful it is, He decided to use it “to rid the world of criminals”. In doing so, he aspires to become the kind of god whose rule would make the world a better place. In a short time, his violations attracted the press and the police, claiming the pseudonym Kira.

Japan will especially commission a certain “L”, who is considered the best detective in the world, just to thwart his plans. Light Yagami will take part in the investigation that is supposed to unearth him and face “L” in a psychological and intellectual duel with twists and turns. He does not hesitate to manipulate and use those around him to achieve his goals and direct the investigation in his direction.

3- Senko Ishigami – Doctor. Stone

Senku Ishigami, a high school student, wakes up after being petrified for 3,700 years. He and his friend Taijo Aoki develop into a world where nature has restored its rights, and in which Almost all of humanity is still in a state of petrification as a result of a mysterious light that appeared in the sky. Their goal is to revive humanity and lift the veil on this event.

The main character of the series, Senku Ishigami excels in many scientific fields and exhibits exceptional intelligence. After keeping his consciousness awake for 3,700 years – which is truly an feat – he will succeed in creating the elixir of disulfuric acid. In addition to many other treatments and tools. In this sense, he could be considered a savior of mankind, with the sole power of gray matter!

# 2. L Lawliet – death note

When the Light Yagami murders become an international affair, L is called in to help determine who is behind serial killer “Kira”. L will quickly suspect that Light is the origin of the murders, without being able to prove it.

It largely competes with the intelligence of the latter, and in this sense it constitutes a perfectly suitable competitor. Unfortunately for him, his opponent had a huge advantage – the death note in his possession as well as the support of a Shinigami named Rem, who manipulated him to achieve his goals – leading to his near death. The investigation is resolved.

# 1. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code geass: loach of rebellion

This action takes place in Japan colonized by the Empire of Britain, the area is called 11 and its inhabitants – deprived of their citizenship – are the eleven. During an altercation between the rebels and the British Army, Lelouch discovers the existence of a young girl who possesses an extremely powerful force: the Jess. Called the power of kings, it allows the Welsh to impose his will on anyone who views him with “absolute obedience”.

However, he can only use it once with the same person. Ambitious to destroy the Empire of Britain, he would use this force with precision and strategy to achieve his ends. Hence he would create a terrorist organization, called Order of the Black Knights, which he leads under the pseudonym Zero. Despite his intelligence, he considers the majority of his allies as pawns who will only serve him to achieve his ultimate goal.

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