Top 10 strongest anime of all time (over 100,000 votes)

The hero is rarely a solo character in an anime. Most of the time, this is accompanied by A group of friends he considers his family. Together, they are one and they all work towards the same goal. And that doesn’t seem to be characteristic of a hero… The biggest villains are often well surrounded too. This is also how some One of the most dangerous criminal organizations which we have seen. They work for peace or for destruction, What are the strongest teams of all time? The answer can be found in this article.

We specify that this rating in no way reflects the opinion of our editors. The order is predetermined according to the vote on the site non-commissioned officer. Hence it is based on the opinions of thousands of manga and anime fans around the world. This top, will definitely evolve over time, but at the time of writing, it’s next.

10) Lekeb Uramichi (Yo Yu Hakusho)

L’Equipe Urameshi It is a group of five fighters formed in the anime Yo Yo Hakusho, marking Shadow Martial Arts Championship. It consists of two rival spiritual investigators (Yusuke Uramishi and Kazuma Kawabara), two high-ranking demons (Kurama and Hei), as well as Genki, a true martial arts expert.

Squad This group of fighters will rise through the ranks They will face ever stronger demons. The fruits of their training will allow them to do the same to win the championship. As a result, the top three will engage in a more complex challenge, which will put them against ever more dangerous opponents.

9) La guilde de Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail)

fairy tale story He has a reputation for being assertive in his ranks One of the most abundant mages Fiore Kingdom. As a guide, the members of this guild spend most of their time to quarrel and fight Instead of getting real tasks done.

However, it still stands A real family. Every sorcerer in the guild will give his all In the name of the power of friendship. This has allowed our heroes more than once to transcend themselves in the face of adversity and, as a team, to overcome the worst threats that have weighed on the Kingdom of Fury.

8) The Phantom Brigade (Hunter X Hunter)

Ghost Squad It is a group of elite thieves recognized around the world. she is an author Ten highly qualified Nen users. This organization is the root of many despicable crimes such as the Kuruta clan massacre.

Commanded by Major General Kuroro Losifuro, one of the most powerful figures in Hunter X Hunter. Despite this, the rest of his team has nothing to envy. If you reunite them together, the forces are capable To sow chaos and destruction wherever it goes…

7) The Seven Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The seven deadly sins It was once considered the Order of the Holy Knights consists of One of the seven best warriors of the kingdom of Lions. Today, these apostates qualify as traitors and put on their bodies the symbol of their sin.

Although most people hate them because of the false accusations leveled against them, These legendary knights were finally summoned by Princess Elizabeth. Only this team of fighters with countless abilities could thwart what was brewing in the shadows in the kingdom of Lions.

6) Columns (Demon Slayer)

pillars reassemble The nine most dangerous swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Army. At present, they are the only warriors strong enough Defeat the demonic moons. Their strength comes from special training, administered over several years, by their predecessor in the role of Pilar. Every member of this group Then he has mastered his own breathing technique.

5) Blackpool Company

Black bull is considered, at the beginning black clover, Like Worst Knight-Mage Comp from Clover Kingdom. She is also known for her destructive attitude, causing more damage during the mission than threatening the mission itself.

If the knights of this company left with an inferno of blemish, they could show it Thanks to hard work and teamwork, nothing is impossible. During the Star Festival, she surprised other companies by taking second place on the podium. And that seems to be just the beginning of their meteoric ascent…

4) Straw Hat Pirates (One Piece)

straw hat pirates It is a group of pirates formed and led by Luffy. Together, they travel the seas in search of treasures. These sailors are much tougher than they look. Each of them has a very different area of ​​expertise, history, and fighting style. This is actually A unified, dynamic and complete team at the same time.

During the ellipse, the group will be temporarily divided and each of its members will train on their own. They will then become stronger in hopes of helping others achieve their goals. Two years of separation will be very beneficial to them, because, when they are reunited, Mugiwara will become major players in the new world.

3) Lakatsuki (Naruto)

Naruto It reveals in its framework a bewildering number of teams. However, not everyone can brag To be as strong as the Akatsuki. This criminal organization meets The most powerful renegade ninja in the shinobi world.

The Akatsuki proceeded to capture the Nine Hosts from the Tails of Demons, in order to use their power. It is for them a means to achieve their dark purpose. As such, the group became the enemy who must surrender to the great nations, who, despite all their efforts, Struggle to stop the monsters powers in their progress.

2) Le Gotei 13 (bleached)

Le Gotti 13 It represents the main military branch of the Soul Society. As such, the organization brings together The strongest and most famous Shinigami in the anime ovary. As its name suggests, Gotei 13 was divided into thirteen distinct divisions, each under the direction of a captain-captain.

Gotei 13’s mission is to defend Seireitei, but also wield her power in the realm of humans and the realm of the hollows. So, no wonder To see a lot of Shinigami would like to join this militia after going through the academy.

1) Les Z fighters (Dragon Ball Z)

If you are a fan of Dragon ball ZIt sure isn’t hard for you to understand why Fighters les Z to first place in this ranking. For others, we’ll explain everything to you. This group of heroes consists of many Saiyans, as well One of the best fighters in the universe.

Together they fought terrible enemies who wanted to destroy the Earth. in a Dragon Ball SuperThey even managed to save Several universes at the same time, during the Tournament of Power. In short, their track record speaks for itself. But how could it be otherwise? Remember that on top of the Z Fighters, we find nothing but Son Goku et Vegeta, Two of the strongest anime characters of all time according to fans.

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