Vanguard: Leaks Announces Its Achievement With Attack on Titan

Although there is nothing official at the moment, it already appears to be so Some Call of Duty: Vanguard data announces the existence of a transition With one of the most popular anime in recent years, Titans attack.

These were discovered by several data makers who immediately shared their findings on the social network Twitter. Thus, according to _Nanikos_, several lines of code in the address hammer games Refers to New operator with existing data “aot_titan”.

Here, we must therefore understand” aot ” Like ” The attack on the Giants On the other hand, the weapon addon is also mentioned and seems to indicate a package that should be available in the play store.

The second data operator, given under a pseudonym ZestyCOD Leaks On Twitter, meanwhile, we’ve assumed that one of the lines of code is foreshadowing Weapon ArrivalAnd, more precisely, it seems sword. According to his data, he found the following lines: aot_swords ; s4_me_swordtitan.

Of course, These are just rumors at the moment Nothing has been formalized by hammer games And Activision. So we must take this information with caution and wait for an announcement from the studios. However, it won’t be the first time it’s a game Call of duty Take advantage of the intersection since then war zone And black cold war They benefited from many iconic looks in the audiovisual scene such as Rambo, John McClane, or even more recently Ghostface with a Halloween event.

Sledgehammer Games is taking the torch this year to introduce a new batch of Call of Duty licensing. Is reusing World War II a mistake? Find our opinion in our test of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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