Vanguard x Attack on Titan Collab has been leaked

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Call of Duty: Vanguard It was well received by the community, and the praise looks set to continue, as new leaks suggest a collaboration with Attack on Titan may be on the way.

The new leak is with the permission of the data miner and Call of duty Leak Zesty, which has a proven track record in war zone, black cold war, And avant-garde Leaks. But no matter the background, it’s always important to be careful about leaks, as plans can always change behind the scenes before release.

However, here’s everything we know about the potential Call of Duty: Vanguard x attack on titan cooperation.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard | launch trailer

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Call of Duty: Vanguard x Attack on a leaked Titan element

according to Call of duty Leaker and data miner Zesty, new game files have been discovered, revealing some of the upcoming weapons that will arrive avant-garde. The list of potential prospective weapons includes:

  • sniper rifles
  • Milli
    • Barong
    • champagne bottle
    • Latama
    • Liomano
    • Rando

After discovering these weapons, Zesty went on to say that he looks too avant-garde He will obtain a type of sword melee weapon that is not a katana. According to the leaker, the codename in the files is “aot_swords” / “s4_me_swordtitan”. Of course, many will associate “AOT” with “Attack on Titan”.

Zesty noted that this was just a “tin hat” theory, but was later confirmed by Earthbound, Call of duty The leaker, who said it “appears to be an AoT collaboration.”

So, as mentioned before, take this information with caution until it is confirmed by Activision itself, but it looks like a collaboration with Attack on Titan may happen. Call of Duty: Vanguard. are you excited?

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This article is translated automatically. Please let us know if there are any errors.

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