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After a first season on Netflix, a movie with 500 million receipts in 2020 marked by the pandemic, it deserves this season 2 of Demon Slayer ?

Let’s say we were excited for this second season of Demon Slayer It is an understatement. As a reminder, the Koyoharu Gotoge series published between 2016 and 2020 narrates adventures Tanjirou, a young boy whose dominant demon has killed the entire family, except for his little sister, who in turn becomes a demon. Hoping to remove this curse, Tanjiro wishes to find and defeat the demon responsible for changing his sister and slaughtering her family, Muzan Kibutsuji.

After the first part of a second series season that recounts the events that occurred during the film Demon Slayer: Infinity Train (which raised $500 million in revenue during the stifling year 2020 for cinema), Fun Zone The difficult task of taking on the second part was an arc that is very popular with fans of the series. Is it a successful bet for this second arc to capture the famous Hashira of the flame, Kyojuro Rengoku?

Can the Fun Zone succeed in the challenging showdown between Rengoku and Akaza?

Midnight Demons

First note, bracket fun district A bit long, I inherited 12 episodes, which is 5 more episodes than the previous one, infinity train. And if the investigation of the train to determine the nature of the threat seems daunting, The investigation of Yoshiwara Prefecture will be more than ever. More than just a serious investigation and a moment to brainstorm, it is above all an appetizer for scriptwriting so that it doesn’t make a quick sound.

By the same token, The first episode introduces Tengen Uzui, Hashira of the sound, not equal to every fire arriving every Rengoku flames. This observation can actually be generalized to the design, dubbing, or even abilities of the two characters, which seem pretty unequal in the hearts of fans of the series. Now that the recipe is well known (presentation of Hashira in the bow, investigation to expel the demon, adventures, and resolution), the sauce must be stirred while still strong to inflate the soufflé.

This is undoubtedly the danger for the rest of the series. To send Hashira to pipe cutters on written assignments, The viewer ends up seeing the gears of the primary mechanism unfold in front of him with ease.

Demon Slayer: Photo

Well, is he cool, but is he just as cool as Kyojuro Rengoku? I do not think so

But when it comes to sending the sauce, Demon Slayer It was never, in the anime, so unrestrained and generous as in the second half of Episode 4. It’s simple, the series explodes in escalation and each episode goes down from the previous episode in terms of quality and goosebumps. While we’re only halfway through the arc, the stress is already gross and every episode now greatly pleases us with the twists and turns. satiety does not come, Next layer restores with playful zeal.

Demon Slayer: Photo

Solid and cold, barbaric and angry, Daki carries the Akaza torch

if the arc fun district Longer, it is also less direct. It makes his characters take winding paths. What honors us in some epic duels in that the characters are distracted by their meetings and investigations. The arc also introduces the story of some heroes by efficiently extracting answers to our questions during the battles between the best current animations.

And there are still surprises, so many surprises! Those who have taken a step further reading the manga will know that the biggest piece has yet to be stuffed. And that’s fine, because this season has made us sleepy having Tanjiro and his friends on screen.

Demon Slayer: Photo

And Tanjiro isn’t the only one evolving into epic scenes.

A demon slayer, but above all a victim of fashion

Obviously, these Dantesque duels are also an excellent excuse to show the animation beyond itself. If you got your pants wet in Episode 19 of Season 1, which saw Tanjiro cross the Rubicon to defeat one of his strongest opponents in a whirlwind of cool tactics, You haven’t seen anything yet with episode 13 of season two (or episode 6 of fun district, where the second season also includes the serial adaptation of infinity train) Whoever sees ufotable pushes the limits of his animation.

Demon Slayer: Photo

Ducky gives you a good dose of aesthetics and vice in his role as an antidote

In addition to the nervous rhythm at will, simple, but not without meaning, dialogues, and as fluid animation as possible, Episode 13 is a fun, rollercoaster series of unrestrained, but never whimsical, always put in place that makes it shine, which Succeeds in finding organizational ideas unusual in gender norms. Is this episode alone worth the relative pains of following the season? Yes.

In addition, we must also learn about fun district More ambitious than before. If the first four episodes are long, it is particularly marked by an artistic tendency that pushes the will to amplify traditional Japanese influence. Therefore, the Yoshiwara area was called, a high place of Japanese prostitution, but also of the Kabuki culture of the Edo era. In terms of outfits, costumes, and even dubbing (whether they’re young concubines or old brothel owners), we’re light years away from infinity train.

Demon Slayer: Photo

Zenitsu not only masters lightning, but is also able to be a funny friend

Whether it is the hierarchical system of concubines, music or traditional dress, This beginning of Sagittarius is a real history lesson that you will never get bored of. In addition, the disguise of Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tanjiro is a good excuse for a series of comedic situations. These episodes are funny even if they are a bit long, and they work well as a “break” after arc violence infinity train.

As for the series’ humor, which can unfold at unexpected moments, it’s pretty much ongoing. Uzui is much more outlandish than the Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu trio, and we’ll appreciate goofy secondary characters like the rat ninja who have bodies.

Demon Slayer: Photo

Not a copious transformation, but containing the rage that makes Tanjiro really creepy

However, we may regret that in the middle of the season, Inosuke and Zenitsu haven’t accomplished much. If he does not entertain us in their homes. If they offered an interesting fight and some related investigation, their bets were rather limited and served especially to provide us with the abilities of our bow opponent, Ducky, who still hadn’t given all of his secrets.

In the end, This is the first half of the arc fun district Very much worth our enthusiasm. By the time the series has already delivered half of its episodes, it has shattered our expectations. Very bad villains, nice people who start running around to see innocents die, fun character development, epic battles, concrete art directing, it’s all there to have a good time and make sure it’s beautiful and one of the best animations of the moment (if not more). If the series ends with its manga version in 2020, there is no doubt that the anime will Demon Slayer It’s not over.

To follow the second season of Demon Slayer, it’s on Wakanim and Crunchyroll, averaging one episode per week.


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