Why is Eren and Zeke’s relationship crucial to the final season

Eren Jaeger and his half-brother Zeke will change or destroy the world when Attack on Titan returns for the second half of its final season. If Eren, the founder of the Titan, and Zeke, who has the royal blood necessary for his use, could make contact, they would gain absolute control over all Ymir’s titans and subjects, that is – in the words of the Eldian people. As they prepare to put their plans into action, as Yelena describes them, the two brothers prepare to change the world. The relationship between Eren and Zeke will be vital for the final season and the fate of all the characters in the series.

Half-brothers Eren and Zeke share the same father, Grisha Jaeger. As Zeke grew up in the Liberio detention area by his radical father and prepared to become the savior of the Eldian people, Eren grew up peacefully on Paradise Island. Ignoring the Eldian hatred that Zeke grew up with, Eren was a normal kid until Marley’s first attack on Isle of Heaven at the beginning of the series forced Grisha to turn Eren into a Titan and direct him to prove the truth of the world. Although the two brothers took very different paths, both became obsessed with their father’s goal of freeing the Eldian people from prison and bigotry.

The Jaeger brothers did not meet until the end of season three, as Eren was unaware that the enemy Titan in front of him was his older half-brother. While Zeke had always wanted to save Eren from their father’s brainwashing, Eren recently started working with Zeke, having met secretly before Eren’s attack on Marley in the final season. In fact, Eren’s plan to launch a preemptive attack on Marley was not only to gain time for Paradise Island, but also to extract Zeke from enemy territory.

Eren appears to have rallied around Zeke’s euthanasia plan, which calls for the sterilization of the Eldian people so that they may die peacefully over the next century, unable to bear children. As if eliminating their own race wasn’t enough, Eren also plans to use the power of the Founding Giant to unleash millions of Colossian giants within the walls of Sky Island as a show of force, preventing the other nations from attacking while the Eldians die peacefully. This horrific and genocidal plan was at the heart of the final season, as various groups struggle to prevent it or bring its fruition to fruition.

Surprisingly, Eren agreed to take charge of Zeke in this regard, convinced by Zeke’s argument that the greatest kindness one can do to an elderly person is to never be born in the first place. While it’s somewhat doubtful that Eren was easily influenced by Zeke, the two brothers must work together in order to use the power of Founder Titan, so their cooperation is also a must. Both the Jaeger brothers want to save the Eldane people, and if working together is the only way to achieve that, then agreeing or even agreeing to a compromise would be a logical step.

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When the final season: Part 2 begins where he left off, Eren will find himself alone against the Marlian army, while Zeke will be transported to an unknown area by Titan after being smashed to pieces by a Thunder Spear. While Shiganshina appears to be the agreed meeting place, it is also a war zone, meaning their mission to connect will definitely be a long and bloody battle filled with classic mayhem and AOT carnage. The Jaeger brothers will have to rely on their willpower and their faith in each other if they are to carry out their plan as real war rages around them.

It’s not clear exactly what would happen if Eren and Zeke could make contact, other than that they would gain control of the founder of Titan. Since they are not bound by King Fritz’s pledge to renounce war, they will be free to use the Founder Titan as they see fit, which would be the end game for anyone hoping to stop it. It is well established that the rampage of the Wall Titans will drown the world in blood, and the Jaeger brothers have already shown that they are willing to do anything, even betrayal and murder, to carry out their plan. They are the only ones who understand each other, and together they can destroy the world.

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