Xbox Game Pass: Halo Infinite, Final Fantasy, One Piece… “Free” games for December 2021

game news Xbox Game Pass: Halo Infinite, Final Fantasy, One Piece… “Free” games for December 2021

You know the music: Every month (and even every half month), Microsoft updates its very generous catalog for Xbox Game Pass. In December 2021, the manufacturer again presents a very interesting range.

2021 ends, to say the least, Is that Microsoft didn’t get to grips with Xbox Game Pass: More than ever, the manufacturer declared its intent to make the Service a formidable weapon in its conquest of the Tenth Art.

For the month of December, Redmond intends to end on a high note by offering nothing more and nothing less than one of the biggest blockbusters and exclusives we’ve dubbed the much-anticipated Halo Infinite. FPS is sure to be the star of the coming weeks, but it happens in a wide variety of titles that we invite you to discover below. Good game for everyone!

ANVIL (PC, Cloud) – December 2

ANVIL is a very beautiful, brand new game that is precisely scheduled for December 2, 2021. We play “Breaker” in the conquest of Chambers, the ruins of ancient extraterrestrial civilizations : With an isometric view and high-powered movement, it’s all about the hordes of enemies to faceEffects for recovery and muscle sci-fi creation.

Archvale (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 2

inscription in the type of “bullet hell”, Archvale is a particularly dynamic shooting game Where enemies have the gift of attacking the hero with extreme cruelty. Above all, the genre is also popular in the role-playing side, with dungeons available, all in a rather colorful and cute art direction.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Xbox, PC) – December 2

A great classic J-RPG with a nice dose of action taken from one of the most popular franchises. Square-Enix-signed Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released in 2012 and is (unsurprisingly) a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, also on Xbox Game Pass. Here you are ahead of you wonderful hours of adventure.

Lawn Mowers Simulator (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – 2 decembre

Alien simulations have always had a good back and these simulations are frankly original: Lawn Mower Simulator is a lawn mowing simulator. Simply. Unlock more or less sophisticated mowers and go to the idyllic gardens of England, the beautiful mansions in the support. We had to be bold and besides, this summer 2021 production is far from missed.

Rubber Thieves (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 2

Here, this game developed by the small Flashbulb studio is geared towards the beloved multiplayer with games for up to four players: flights, battles and races are in the program of this game. Where you play the role of a thief by looting to steal… at any cost. What to unpack with friends with a precisely scheduled release for December 2, the date of its incorporation into Xbox Game Pass.

Stardew Valley (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 2

Released in 2016, Stardew Valley asks you to maintain your farm in pixel art style : Farming, Animal Care, Mining Your daily life will be punctuated by surprisingly fun activities to do. Make no mistake, this is an excellent title that collected even the beautiful score of 18/20 in our columns.

Warhammer 40000: Battlesector (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 2

The 40,000 Playerless Warhammer franchise is available in several video games including Battlesector which has been taken down no later than July 2021. Here, It’s a turn-based strategy game, obviously in the private (and dark) universe of the license, He offers you to use magical powers and destructive weapons of war. Everything we love.

Space Warlord Orga Trading Simulator (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 7

Organ reselling, here is a somewhat dubious sector of activity in our area, but fear nothing By buying, selling and bartering alien organs in a completely imaginary world. The principle is rather original, let’s not hide it from us.

Halo Infinite (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 8

Halo Infinite is definitely one of the most awaited games of the year, if not the most coveted game in the entire Xbox catalog in 2021 (with Forza Horizon 5, it’s defending itself). Find a new Masterchief in an all-new adventure and promising online gaming thanks to a massive multiplayer gameIt is provided free of charge. December 8, remember this date.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 9

Muso is so annoying, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 brings you to battle dozens and dozens of enemies in your good old Luffy boot. (and not only) and relive some of his greatest adventures. A typical Japanese action game that doesn’t cut corners, is far from perfect but still has some interesting aspects. Either way, it’s not like you’re going to spend anything extra to get it working.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – December 14

Aliens Fireteam Elite is a third-person shooter released in August 2021 that offers an experience that’s simple on paper, but one you’ll likely never get old: a team of players that can shoot up to three soldiers against endless waves of xenomorphs, here divided into eleven different species. thirty weapons and seventy pieces of equipment, The experience is somewhat successful and should satisfy fans of the genre who are looking for an alternative to Back 4 Blood.

Between Us (Xbox) – December 14

You definitely know him: Among us is one of the games that went viral when the lockdown started. This werewolf-inspired game offers you to dive into an accessible and extremely fun yet complex multiplayer experience: a safe bet where you risk having a good time. Gosh.

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